Bella Hadid Rising

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Does the name Hadid ring a bell? Well it should because it is associated with two of the most successful models in the industry today, Gigi and Bella Hadid. Gigi has been a Victoria Secret model for some time now with a very familiar face you have seen in a recent fashion show or marketing campaign. Gigi was signed to IMG Models in 2013 and was considered one of the top models in the world by 2015.  Gigi has unique and exquisite beauty, but everyone is soon to know that beauty is a Hadid family tradition.

Bella Hadid Jewelry

Bella Hadid has followed in her older sisters footsteps of being one of the worlds successful models, joining IMG Models in 2014 and by 2016 being ranked one of the worlds 50 top models. With Bella’s recent accomplishments it seems that she is still warming up, this fall 2016 Bella will be featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine which is testament to this.  Bella has brought many beautiful fashion ideas into the public eye and takes a darker fashion forward approach to it.  Usually you will find her in fine yet subtle jewelry shedding light on the fact that women don’t need loud jewelry to be heard, just the right accents.  In celebration of Bella’s beautiful fashion sense and rising career here is some subtle jewelry ideas to help accent your natural beauty.

Bella Hadid Jewelry



Pomellato’s Nudo collection offers rings and necklaces.  The more delicate and subtle pieces are the Nudo Pendants. This piece comes in the choice of an 18k yellow or rose gold chain with a gemstone pendant. The gemstone varies per pendant, you can choose from amethyst, topaz, quartz, tourmaline, or diamond pave.  This piece is subtle yet illicit fine craftsmanship from one of the worlds top designers, and is perfect for causal everyday wear.

Pomellato Nudo Pendant

Nudo Rose Gold Amethyst Pendant

Pomellato Nudo Ring

Nudo Rose Gold Blue Topaz Pendant

Pippo Perez

Pippo Perez was born in Florence in 2012 and since has developed a low key yet astute reputation as a fine Italian jewelry designer.  From small piece diamond pave charms to delicate earrings that embellish a woman’s natural beauty, Pippo offers a perfect style that is not loud yet shows outstanding craftsmanship.  These diamond half hoops are a perfect way to adorn the feminine without taking away from who she truly is.

Pippo Perez

Pippo Perez Diamond Hoops

Sydney Evan 

Sydney Evan, the highly acclaimed fine jewelry collection was founded by Rosanne Karmes in Los Angeles in 2001.  The collection is usually very delicate and shows fine craftsmanship with diamond paves, gemstones, and precious metals. This brand is perfect to adorn without being too loud but still has the ability to impress from a craftsmanship level.  Whether its dainty rings beaded bracelets or beautiful chain necklaces and pendants, Sydney Evan is a great pick for smaller everyday wear.



Sydney Evan Rings

Sydney Evan Nail Ring

Sydney Evan Ring

Sydney Evan Pyramid Ring

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