Bridal On The Runway Fall 2016

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This Fall has brought and is sure to bring some of the most exciting bridal fashion shows to date.  Whether its Vera Wang, or Oscar de La Renta, you can get ideas for your dream gown from the worlds finest designers.  An immaculate bridal gown calls for an immaculate diamond.  In celebrating some outstanding runway shows for Fall 2016 here are some beautiful diamonds that complement these design icon’s collections.


Vera was raised in New York city and after an failed attempt to be an olympic athlete she gravitated towards fashion. She started off her career in fashion as a writer for Vogue. After seventeen years with Vogue and two years with Ralph Lauren she broke off to start her own brand of design. Today Vera has become one of the worlds finest bridal designers and it shows in her innovative yet classic take on the gown.  Her style is forward, clean yet works with elements of showcasing the feminine figure in a “ice-skater” esk fashion.


The designer that offers a perfect wedding ring to compliment Vera’s style is Louis Glick. Louis Glick has a classic style yet has brought the innovative starburst cut into the marketplace. Unrivaled in diamond quality, perfectly handpicked, Louis offers a perfect selection of rings that go well with Vera’s creative designs.  Below is a Stunning yellow starburst diamond accented with two white trapazoid diamonds in a yellow gold and platinum setting. screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-2-09-32-pm


Zuhair Murad at a very young age loved sketching wedding dresses, you could say he had unobscured vision of his craft. Starting his first atelier in 1997 then his career snowballed designating his brand and style into an irrefutable wonder. Today he is based in the heart of the Triangle d’Or on “François 1er” Street in Paris and has ready to wear more conservative collections and collections of a more delicate and unique look.  His best work is totally fashion forward and some of the most unique work in the industry to date, showcasing the feminine figure in a way that inspires awe.


The bridal ring designer that offers a unique style to fit Zuhair’s beautiful take on the wedding gown is K. Brunini. K. Brunini’s design style is inspired by nature evoking a sense of a natural raw unapologetic simplicity.  The two designers make a perfect couple when showcasing a woman’s natural beauty and paying homage to the wild outdoors that surrounds us that we are intimately expressions of.  This 18k yellow gold antler ring set with diamonds, like Zuhair, goes against the normal standards of what bridal should be and brings you to enticing new ideas of what it could be.

K. Brunini Antler Ring


Oscar De La Renta was truly legendary designer. De la Renta became internationally known in the 1960s as one of the couturiers who dressed Jacqueline Kennedy. An award-winning designer, he worked for Lanvin and Balmain.  His Style pays homage to the Victorian era married to more modern elements. In a subtle yet intricate design he brings a level of beauty to the wedding gown that can resonate and work with many women.


A designer that goes well with his victorian conservative style with a modern twist is Rahaminov. Rahaminov Diamonds’ designs are set apart from other luxury jewelers because of Tamara Rahaminov’s understanding of what today’s woman wants to wear – jewelry that is classic but has a stylish edge and is versatile enough for day and evening wear. Truly a perfect pairing with an Oscar De La Renta dress. This cushion cut diamond ring features a .83ctw diamond halo, .18ctw diamond shank & a center 1.01ct G/VS2 GIA Cushion diamond. Rahaminov Wedding Ring

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