Exercise Guide To 2017

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How was your 2016 physically?  Were you able to feel the way you wanted about your strength, endurance, and body? It’s always hard to find the right exercise routines that build the muscle tone and power that you want. This year, build the confidence in your routine and athletic fashion that will leave you satisfied.   Let 2017 be your year to shine like never before with these workout routines and fashion picks that will get you results.

This workout routine is designed to give your body little rest in a circuit of exercises. The goal is to fit in your kettle bell and medicine ball routine in between your 3 minute battle rope rounds with only a 30 second rest in between sets. The full routine should be 3 minuets battle ropes, 25 kettle bell swings, 25 kettle bell front squats, 1 minute 30 seconds side twists with medicine ball. The goal is to do three sets of this routine.

Battle Ropes

2017 Workout Routine

This is truly a beneficial exercise that builds and tones the body because when done right, it activates the legs, back, core, and arms.  This is used as an MMA standard exercise because of its ability to create explosiveness, power, and endurance.  This exercise builds lean muscle that looks beautiful on the female body. There are many exercises that can be done with battle ropes but just start out with one.  Start off with 3 sets of 3 minutes then work your way up to 5 sets of 3 minutes. This exercise is called alternating arm waves. As shown in the image above you are creating a wave in the rope by exerting a force from lifting your arm up in a hammer curl motion, then alternating arms as fast as you can.

Kettle Bell / Medicine Ball Routine

This routine combines kettle bell exercises with medicine ball exercises to create a circuit sure to tone the body and create functional muscle. The magic number with kettle bell exercises is 25 reps. The magic timeframe for medicine ball exercises is 1:30 sec.

Womens kettle bell workout

Kettle Bell Swings : With both hands grab the bar of the kettle bell and your legs go shoulder width apart. Hands on the kettle bell start with the bell on the floor between your legs. This should look like a squat with both hands at the center of the squat close to the ground. With your arms kept straight swing the kettle bell up from between your legs to out in front of your chest and straighten your legs from squat position then let bell swing down to between your legs and repeat for 25 reps.the-one-lift-every-woman-should-do-1-v2-2-640xh

Kettle Bell Front Squats : Position your hands on each side of the kettle bell and hold out in front of your chest. This movement is ment to replicate a front squat which is essential for core and leg activation. From standing position holding the kettle bell squat down until your legs are bent to 90 degrees and repeat for 25 reps.womens medicine ball exercises

Side Twists With Medicine Ball: Sitting down lift your upper body and your legs off the ground so that your body is making a “V” shape. Once in your “V” shape with both hands on the medicine ball bring the ball from one side of your hips to the other, make sure that the ball is touching the ground before you take it to the other side. Do this for 1 minute 30 seconds.

The Look

Now that you have the routine down, how is your athletic wardrobe? Is it getting you excited to tackle an extreme workout?  Blacks are always in, weather it is matching bottoms and tops or mixture, giving your outfit a black tone not only  goes well with any color you want to mix in, but gives you a slimming feel and look before you hit the gym. Victoria Sport offers a stunning selection of apparel for women that is not only fashionable but functional.

Victoria Sport Apparel  The Jewelry

Want to still wear jewelry during your workout? Why not. You can keep it minimal and functional. Sydeny Evan offers an array of jewelry that is small and perfect for workouts.  This Sydney Evan stretch bracelet is durable, fits closely to the wrist and won’t get worn down by sweat and hefty repetitions, truly a perfect piece to fit into your exercise wardrobe. This bracelet is made of turquoise yellow gold and diamonds.


Sydney Evan Stretch Bracelet

These Due Punti bangles are made to be worn on any sport occasion. Durable, beautiful, colorful, a perfect way to accent your exercise outfit with a dash of luxury & color. These bangles  are made out of rubber and are set with a single diamond and can be worn in water. Perfect for the beach.

Due Punti Workout Bracelets

Victoria Secret Sport

Sometimes you may want to leave your earrings in and thats ok! Studs are a perfect style to leave in for yoga, lifting, or plyometrics. Be sure to not use anything that is 24k gold because of its fragility.  These beautiful small diamond stud earrings by Sethi Couture are set in 18k rose gold and are a perfect solution if you are going to leave studs in for your workout.

Sethi Couture Diamond Stud Earrings

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