Armin Strom Watches In Denver October 17th & 18th

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One watchmaker recently unveiled an innovation that is both monumental and a total gamechanger for the luxury watch industry.  That brand is Armin Strom. This year, in Baselworld, Armin Strom unveiled a digital platform that allows customers to create a custom watch using any mix of elements from all of their product lines.  This is truly an important innovation not just for the brand but also for the luxury watch industry. This device lets retailers cut carrying cost, manufacturers cut production cost, while allowing end users to create their very own unique luxury watch.

This is important because people like options and at the elite level watchmaking becomes art. So, what better experience can there be than to invite watch enthusiasts to participate in the creation of their own completely customized art piece? With this Armin Strom innovation we can expect the watch industry to react. We may see other independent watchmakers attempt to replicate the process because it becomes an irrefutable sales avenue that is consumer focused.  For a large part of history to completely custom design a swiss timepiece meant that there needed to be a special contract and more money involved. Now it is easy and you can do it at home or come into a shop to have an expert help you design something that not only is unique but something that matches your personal style and sense of fashion and luxury.

Join us on October 17th & 18th as Armin Strom Unveils the Configurator at Oster Jewelers Denver. A presentation will be given by Armin Strom’s Chief watch maker, Claude Greisler, on how clients can build their personalized watches from the ground up.


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