5 Reasons Your Next Watch Should Be A NOMOS

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When looking at the world of fine watchmaking we see many brands that offer outstanding products in a price range that falls between $5,000 and $50,000. The downside to this is that there are only a few brands that you can get for less then $10k.  Brands like Bell & Ross, Ulysses Nardin, and Omega offer exquisite timepieces but tend to be more highly manufactured.  What is the right brand that offers a handcrafted watch limited in production, that is mechanical offering all the nuances of a swiss made watch?  The answer is NOMOS. With the lowest priced model starting at $1760 USD, and most of the models not exceeding $5000 USD, this watch truly is competitive for offering a fully mechanical handcrafted watch with quality innovative manufacturing.


NOMOS is a rare breed in creating everything about the heart and soul of the brand in-house. The NOMOS swing system, also known as escapement, is a patented time setting piece created in house by a team of European designers from Switzerland and Germany.  It has helped NOMOS win several awards in innovation and craftsmanship. This has also allowed NOMOS to fulfill chronometer standards which is like a doctorate for watches.  Each piece to the watches, delicately handcrafted, is passed from designer to designer in one room until it is the finished product.  The NOMOS escapement truly sets the brand apart because they are one of the first ever watch brands to innovate their own.  Historically it is usually too intricate, too delicate and too expensive to manufacture in house.  Most brands in the world source their escapements to a third party company based out of Switzerland.  NOMOS has truly earned the ability to say it is an independent fine watchmaker by streamlining its manufacturing. 



Important elements to a fine watch not only include the quality of manufacturing and price point but must include features that contribute value to your daily endeavors.  NOMOS proudly offers an array of complications so that you can get the most utility from your timepiece. Weather you need a big date, power reserve, second time zone, or world timer function all can be acquired with different finishes, case shapes, materials and straps to make sure the watch is not only one that gives you utility but one that matches your fashion style as well. 

Water Resistance

All NOMOS timepieces are water resistant up to 3atm, but NOMOS has dedicated several lines to being extremely water resistant. These lines include the Ahoi, and the Club. The Ahoi has a incredible atm of up to 20, truly made to be a dive watch it has been fitted with a weaved paracord strap made for use in extreme conditions.  The Club is a smaller classy piece with a more rounded look having an atm of up to 10 and although the atm is slightly lower than the Ahoi most people who consider themselves divers don’t even dive past 3 atm which is equivalent to 100ft.  Having the opportunity to dive to depths of up to 660ft with a fine handcrafted watch is truly a luxury which gives testament to the brands intellectual yet fashionable craftsmanship. 


NOMOS watches have won over 130 prizes and awards for quality, value, and design.  This gives testament to the engineering, durability, and style innovation the NOMOS team has dedicated itself too.  Not only creating a watch that offers an economic price, cutting edge manufacturing, array of coveted complications, and innovation in water resistance but has done it better than many of the more established brands in the industry.  Among the awards NOMOS has taken home are the Chrono Award which is Austria’s only watch competition, which evaluates the submitted models not only on stylistic, but also on commercial criteria—that is to say, according to their respective price classes.  The prizewinners are decided by the readership of the Austrian magazines FORMAT and Trend.

NOMOS has also received the One of the most renowned design prizes, the Good Design Award which was founded in 1950 by a group of designers, including Charles and Ray Eames.  It is awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum, Museum for Architecture and Design in collaboration with the European Center of Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies.  The Good Design Award is internationally recognized as denoting innovative design and objectively high-quality products, which convincingly combine form, function, and aesthetics.

Another truly important award that NOMOS has received is the Green Product Award. This award gives testament to its company responsibility. The Green Product Award which recognizes products that combine the best design, innovative technology and sustainable manufacturing.  It recognizes products that are designed and manufactured today for a better tomorrow.

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