Keeping Time Podcast S.3 Episode 12: Christian Lass – Peter Christen

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Master Watchmaker Christian Lass + watch collector Peter Christiansenon watch collector join Keeping Time Podcast S.3 Episode 12:

Master watchmaker Christian Lass joins us with watch collector, Peter Christiansen, from Copenhagen, Denmark. Christian is a talented watchmaker with impressive credentials. He worked with celebrated Independent watchmaker, Vianney Halter, for a number of years before joining Patek Philippe to oversee restoration at the Patek Philippe Museum. Join us as we discuss Christian’s impressive career and discuss Peter’s journey into watch collecting and Peter’s commission of a bespoke timepiece which is being hand-crafted by Christian. The conversation is insightful, covering many aspects of fine watchmaking and haute horology. Christian also hosts his own podcast, “The Art of Craft”. Follow Christian on IG @christian_lass. Enjoy!

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Link to Christiansen Lass, watchmaker

Christian Lass / Hannelore Gleich / Peter Christiansen
Christian Lass / Hannelore Gleich / Peter Christiansen 
Vianney Halter Watches
Vianney Halter Timepieces | Trio | Classic Janvier | Deep Space Tourbillon
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