Keeping Time Podcast S.3 Episode 3: Josh Shanks – Watchonista

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Featured Guest: Josh Shanks USA Managing Editor of Watchonista

Keeping Time Podcast S.3 Episode 3:
Baselworld review with Josh Shanks
Now that the dust has settled we discuss the latest releases, good and bad, from Baselworld 2019 and discuss the struggling show itself. Josh Shanks is the USA Managing Editor for the influential blog, Watchonista. Join us for an in-depth conversation.

Josh Shanks, editor-in-chief from California and Indiana, leads Watchonista’s Blog efforts in North America. With a professional training in technology and finance, Josh began his watchmaking career as a collector. Years ago, Josh quit his job to follow his passion for watches and joined the Watchonista team in early 2017. Josh travels the world in search of a good story, an F1 race and sometimes peaty scotch drama. Josh embodies the values โ€‹โ€‹of passion, collection, watchmaking and, above all, Watchonista community.


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