Keeping Time Podcast S.4 Episode 12: Francois-Xavier Hotier – President of Ulysse Nardin, the Americas

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Francois-Xavier Hotier, President of Ulysse Nardin, joins Keeping Time with Oster Watches Podcast, S4 Episode 12

From surfing with Navy Seals to studying Great White Sharks for science, our guest today truly understands the historical importance of Ulysse Nardin with regard to maritime and oceanic endeavors. Today, the North American President of one of the most historic Swiss brands is an energetic, enthusiastic and highly charismatic individual with tremendous experience in the luxury industry. 

Join us as we get to know the man better known as “F-X” and learn of his passion for connecting Ulysse Nardin’s storied past with the exciting adventures of today and tomorrow. We also discuss the importance of the Swiss Manufacture, dating back to 1846, and their role in pushing watchmaking technology into the future to create today’s exceptional timepieces. 

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Francois-Xavier Hotier
Francois-Xavier Hotier, President of Ulysse Nardin

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