Keeping Time Podcast S.4 Episode 7: Max Büsser- Founder, MB&F Watches

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Maximilian Büsser, Founder MB&F Watches, joins Keeping Time with Oster Watches Podcast, S4 Episode 7

Max Büsser is one of the most creative watch designers today. We are thrilled that we could get together with Max and delve into the highly imaginative world that lives within the mind of the man behind MB&F (Max Büsser & Friends) watch company. Known for collaborating with the most brilliant independent watchmaking talent in the industry, MB&F watches are a journey into a unique dimension of bold spirit and artistic freedom combined with technical and horological excellence. One of the busiest and most affable characters in the industry, Max is open and honest and a true pleasure to engage in conversation. We hope you enjoy this very relaxed and informative and inspiring conversation between Max and your Keeping Time hosts Jeremy and Doug.

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