Keeping Time Podcast S.6 Episode 1: James Lamb Watches

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Our guest for the first episode of Season 6 is James Lamb, a British watchmaker and Member of the British Horological Institute. Join us as we discover James Lamb Watches and the release of The Origin series, James’ first collection of individually created handmade watches.

The Elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) provide the inspiration and theme to be explored in the four pieces that make up the collection. James brings the watches to life for us in an engaging conversation that is focused on the methods used by James in the creation of the new pieces. We discuss the beautiful art of forging and forming Argentium watch cases, largely by traditional methods, with each piece being individual and full of character. We explore the methods used for each of the unique dials and the techniques such as cloisonné enamel that capture the essence of the elemental inspirations.

James Lamb is a craftsman seeking to gain mastery of all aspects of watchmaking. Our conversation is engaging and natural with tremendous insight into the many dimensions that encompass the art of traditional horology. Like a personal gallery tour by the artist, James brings his works to life with eloquent illumination as he invites us to join him on his personal quest to attain creative freedom.

As always, this episode is a free-flowing conversation with minimal editing. Jeremy Oster is your host along with co-host, Doug Hoyt.  Thanks as always to Doug who is also the Producer of Keeping Time Podcast. Of course, thanks most of all to our listeners and supporters around the globe.

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Water - James Lamb Watches
Water Element from Origin Series by James Lamb Watches

Closeup of the Argentium case from the Origin Series

Detailing of the bezel

Making of the movement holder

Making of the Argentium watch case

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