Keeping Time Podcast S.3 Episode 5: Czapek & Cie – Xavier de Roquemaurel

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Keeping Time Episode S3 E5
Czapek & Cie – Xavier de Roquemaurel

Joining us for a rare “in studio” episode we welcome back Xavier De Roquemaurel, the spirited CEO of Czapek & Cie,  as well as our dear friend, Michael Margolis, US Agent for Czapek. Listen in on a great conversation as we discuss all that has happened since our first podcast with Xavier including the success of the brand as well as the challenges faced in growing a newer company today. We chat with Michael about what drew him to wishing to work with a newer brand with no history in the USA. We hope you enjoy this insightful and honest conversation.

The story of Czapek & Cie is extraordinary: One of the most famous watchmaking names in history has been revived by a small group of passionate entrepreneurial watchmakers and collectors/enthusiasts/investors.

With the incredibly short history of the modern brand, the fact that they have introduced 3 distinct collections is extremely impressive. Add to this achievement the superb Tourbillon GMT and it is no wonder that serious collectors are taking note. Chatting with Xavier brings to life the inspiration, partnerships and even some of the technical secrets that go into creating the distinctive dials, cases and movements that carry the famous Czapek & Cie name. It was a great pleasure chatting with Xavier and discovering the interesting choices made by the Czapek team and discovering that, like all great art, every piece crafted holds secrets and discoveries.

Read the WristReview’s article on the exclusive US Czapek launch at Oster Jewelers.

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Czapek & Cie – Blue Panda FAUBOURG DE CRACOVIE

Oster Jewelers is excited to announce the “Blue Panda” Fauberg de Cracovie chronograph. This Limited Edition of 18 pieces is a world-wide, exclusive collaboration with Czapek & Cie. Czapek unveils in avant-premier the new Faubourg de Cracovie ‘Panda Bleu’ model at Oster Jewelers in Denver, their first dealer in the US market. The timepiece, a high-performance chronograph with a rare and refined handmade guilloche dial, will be produced in a limited series of 18 pieces.

The Panda Bleu was conceived by Czapek four-handed together with Oster Jewelers, one of the premier luxury watch dealers in the USA. Oster Jewelers is the first retailer carrying the Czapek collections within the US.

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