Keeping Time S.6 Episode 3: Manuel Emch

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Our guest for this episode of Keeping Time Podcast is Manuel Emch. A truly creative visionary, Manuel brings incredible enthusiasm and impeccable design sense to the watch industry. As an independent consultant, Manuel utilizes his time to explore different projects as well as mentoring some of the most talented up and coming watchmakers.

Join us for this episode as we discuss Manuel’s origins, journey and motivations. He became the Swatch Group’s youngest ever Brand President, 20 years ago, when Manuel took the reins and developed the historically important brand, Jaquet Droz. With a keen eye for design and a deep respect for history, Manuel built a successful luxury brand around the inspired Grande Seconds design inspired by an original creation of Jaquet Droz. Today, the focus of the conversation turns to his vision for the exciting brand, Louis Erard. With a deep respect for “Métiers d’Art,” including Grand Feu enamel dials and engine-turned guilloché dials, Manuel saw an opportunity to create extraordinary watches at surprisingly affordable prices. We discuss the collection and how he is able to create such competitively priced, highly desirable and collectible timepieces. We also discuss the exciting collaborations which to date include Vianney Halter and Alain Silberstein.

The conversation flows as Manuel shares his passion and insights and, eager as ever for knowledge, host Jeremy Oster is keen to encourage further depth and discussion in this engaging conversation. The subject turns to Manuel’s eagerness to mentor and assist the next generation of talented watchmakers, including Rexhap Rexhapi. We hope that you enjoy this episode of Keeping Time Podcast.

As always, this episode is a free-flowing conversation with minimal editing. Jeremy Oster is your host along with co-host, Doug Hoyt.  Thanks as always to Doug who is the Producer of Keeping Time Podcast. Of course, thanks most of all to our listeners and supporters around the globe. Keeping Time Podcast is commercial free and sponsored entirely by Oster Jewelers.

This podcast is all about the personalities in the industry and the passion that drives the creativity and desirability of the beautiful products that we all appreciate. If you enjoy Keeping Time Podcast please let others know. Kindly take a moment to rate and review on iTunes or your favorite podcast player and share on social media. Your review means a lot to us and others. Tag @osterwatches on Instagram and be sure to visit Oster Jewelers for the latest in haute horlogerie.

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Manuel Emch © Diode SA - Denis Hayoun
Manuel Emch Le Büro ( © Diode SA – Denis Hayoun

Louis Erard Excellence Guilloché Main-
Louis Erard Excellence Guilloché Main

Louis Erard Excellence Émail Grand Feu 42mm
Louis Erard Excellence Émail Grand Feu

Louis Erard Le Chrono Monopoussoir Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein Louis Erard La Semaine Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein
Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein Collaborations (Le Chrono Monopoussoir & La Samaine)

Louis Erard Excellence Guilloché Main II 

Louis Erard Excellence Régulateur Malachite Louis Erard Excellence Régulateur Lapis Lazuli 42mm Louis Erard Excellence Régulateur Aventurine 42mm
Louis Erard Excellence Régulateur Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, & Aventurine

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