Keeping Time S.8 Ep.02: Felipe Pikullik, Watchmaker – Felipe Pikullik Watches

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Our guest for this episode is a highly talented and passionate watchmaker, Felipe Pikullik. Based in Berlin, Germany, of Brazilian descent, Felipe embodies all that is celebrated in the Art of Watchmaking. Each piece that bears the Felipe Pikullik brand name is a demonstration of purity, dedication and tradition – a classical approach to contemporary watchmaking. Signature sculpted bridges are formed within the atelier and embellished with traditional finishing techniques long recognized as all that embodies haute horlogerie. Felipe and his team transform each caliber produced with impeccable craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence. 

Join us as we engage with Felipe in a conversation that explores the motivations, desires and challenges embraced by the young prodigy and his eager and willing team. As always, the conversation with host Jeremy Oster meanders, explores and probes to gain a depth of knowledge and understanding of one of the Independent watch world’s rising stars. Thanks as always to co-host and Producer Doug Hoyt for another episode of Keeping Time.  We hope that you enjoy this insightful episode. Please take a moment to rate and review and share with other like-minded watch-loving friends. 

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Felipe Pikullik
“I learned the Art of Watchmaking in one of the famous watchmaking schools in Glashütte, Saxony – Germany.”
Felipe Pikullik Watchmaking
Felipe Pikullik Watchmaking
Felipe Pikullik Watchmaking
Felipe Pikullik HTH "Homage to Harrison"
Felipe Pikullik HTH “Homage to Harrison.” In keeping with traditional elements Felipe presents a frosted non-lacquered brass dial. The texture of the dial is created through sandblasting, to reach a grainy texture with black rhodium plating. The Chapter ring is applied on the base dial and finished through black polishing. Eastern Arabic, Breguet, Roman, Hebrew or Chinese numerals are available on demand
FelipePikullik-HTH-Caseback ZBM1 MOVEMENT
Felipe Pikullik HTH “Homage to Harrison” The Design of the engraving is inspired by Harrison’s H4, a lifetime watch for John Harrison, developed and built over the course of many years. The movement of the HTH is finished in black rhodium, while the balance cock is plated in gold to create a nice contrast.

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