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I am a proud Colorado native. For those who have lived in Colorado for any length of time you’ll have noticed that our culture centers on living active lifestyles and being as environmentally sustainable as possible. This in large part has to do with our proximity to the Rocky Mountains. They are a grand physical reminder of our connection to this planet. So what does this have to do with watches? Well, I was recently educated on NOMOS watches and it seems their company ethics and practices mirror Coloradan expectations.

I’ll start with a little history of the company, for it plays an important factor in the company’s business practices. It was founded in the early 1990’s just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Germany has had a rich history of watchmaking, especially in Glashutte, which had been stifled by WWII in which the watchmakers were forced to make weapons for the Nazi’s. Once the Berlin Wall fell, companies like NOMOS were able to give back an outlet for these artisans to work on their craft.

The style of NOMOS is very distinctive and loud in its subtlety. Given the German heritage, their pragmatic designs are often mistaken for Bauhaus. It is understandable since NOMOS draws its inspiration and is a member of the Deutscher Werkbund. The Deutscher Werkbund was founded in 1907 and was the predecessor to the Bauhaus School. This understated design is perfect for a Coloradan (or anyone for that matter) who wants an elegant look without being ostentatious.

Besides a unique design, NOMOS separates itself from the rest of the watch manufactures with its sustainable manufacturing practices. NOMOS is one of only a few companies given the prestigious designation of calling its watches “made in Glashutte”. To receive this protected title at least 50% of the watch’s caliber must be produced in Glashutte, Germany. NOMOS goes above and actually produces 95% of its movements in-house. This allows for shorter supply chains and in turn, they use less fuel for transportation. They also lower their carbon footprint by sourcing most of the raw materials locally. Both steel and brass are sourced from Germany and rubies come from France. NOMOS Glashutte is also a certified Ecoprofit company—this internationally-recognized certification rewards sustainable production practices and outstanding environmental protection programs. Steps such as switching to renewable energy and reusing the heat generated as a by-product of production are just two examples of how they have managed to reduce their CO2 output and electricity use. In waste disposal as well, leftover materials from production (such as metal scraps and oils) are recycled responsibly.

So, for those who love fine mechanical watches and are conscious of ethical and sustainable business practices I suggest looking into NOMOS Glashutte Watches. It should be an easy decision for any Coloradan or likeminded watch enthusiast.

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