One & Two By Peter Speake-Marin

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Peter Speake-Marin is considered one of the finest independent watchmakers in the world. Peter created his self titled brand back in 2002. Since this date, the brand presents its creations which are a combination of know-how and excellence of Swiss watchmaking. Utilizing timeless techniques such as the art of creating enamel dials, this brand combines history with a more modern style of watchmaking to create watches that are sure to inspire awe.

Peter Speak-Marin Watches Denver

One of Speake-Marin’s newest editions is the One & Two. The grey dial is fully open to reveal the new in-house movement. This movement carries a COSC certificate assuring  precision and reliability, accentuating the technical magnificence of this stunning calibre which is entirely assembled and adjusted by hand. One detail to notice on this timepiece is the beauty of the hand finishing on the open worked dial. This is a limited edition watch with only 10 made for the world. Oster Jewelers in Cherry Creek North Denver, has #2 of 10.Speake-Marin One & Two Limited Edition Watch

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