Style Alert: Ripped Jeans & Rubies

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I know the ripped jeans style is nothing new, this is more of a style ‘pairing’. This style is centered around your favorite pair of ripped jeans – they can be any color – they just have to be jeans. Pair with a comfy long-sleeve shirt/sweater, red ruby pumps, and your favorite ‘messy’ hair style. I added a gorgeous layering necklace by Lika Behar – 38″ long blackened silver and 24k yellow gold chain featuring bezel set faceted rose cut ruby slices. Lika Behar also made the beautiful Ruby Drop Earrings you see above: 1.25″ long double drop earrings featuring 12.93ctw faceted rose cut ruby slices set in 24k yellow gold bezels, 22k yellow gold backings and 18k yellow gold posts. Now onto the bracelets; I love stacking my bracelets with at least one Sydney Evan Beaded Bracelet. The one I grabbed is Sydney Evan’s 6mm faceted Ruby Bead Stretch Bracelet strung with a 1/2″ long 14k yellow gold star charm set with .03ctw Diamonds. Lastly, I added a  7″ long 14k yellow gold double link charm bracelet by Oster Collection.

Now, don’t forget to match your phone case with your gorgeous outfit and Let’s Go!

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