The Comeback of Rose Cut Diamonds

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Diamonds and gemstones experience trends just like jewelry. Diamond trends don’t change drastically from year to year like they do in fashion, however there are definitely noticeable shifts in the diamond market occurring each year. One of those changes is a resurgence of the rose cut diamond. This cut, which can be traced back to the 1500’s and considered the oldest cut seen in today’s estate jewelry. The Rose Cut diamond is known for it’s multi-dimensional, shape of triangular facets arranged symmetrically from the center top part of the diamond. Primarily a rose cut is made when the loss to the stone would be great if the Brilliant Cut were chosen. Over time, this cut has evolved with respect to the number of facets, their arrangements and the depth of the stones.  The ring featured is designed by Katey Brunini and set with a 1.56ct oval rose cut diamond, mounted east-west, surrounded by a prong set diamond halo. Katey embraces nature and rose cut diamonds with her signature “twig” collection as seen in the second photo.


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