The Emerald: May’s Birthstone

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Where did wearing gemstones originate? Obviously in the middle east, the birthplace of civilization, but what cultures help foster this trend? Many traces of undeveloped tribes very long ago show signs of making jewelry, but high jewelry does not come about in documented history until later.  Around 4,000 BC the Egyptian empire set standards of jewelry wearing in high regards and reserved for the elite.  

As we can see from many of the artifacts that royalty was adorned with jewels, and metal work.  Cleopatra VII owned elaborate jewelry that was even made using meteorite.  This empire sets a true standard in history for fine jewelry craftsmanship through electroplating and other methods of manufacturing.  From here gem stones became associated with the twelve tribes of Israel represented by stones on a priests breastplate and with astrology in the chines zodiac.  All utilization of gemstones in early history are associated with physical and metaphysical meaning.  In more modern times all of these ancient cultural uses of jewelry seem to have carried on in more fragmented traditions.  One such tradition is the connection of someones birth month with a certain gemstone.

If you are born in May your stone is the beautiful Emerald. The stone carries beautiful rich deep green tones. The ancients associated this stone with healing the matters of the heart.  It is said that those associated with emeralds are healers themselves and bring emotional healing to those around them.  In reverence of the May birthstone here a some beautiful pieces of emerald jewelry from some of the worlds finest designers.  

Lika Behar

Lika Behar is a very unique jewelry designer who derives her style from Anatolian heritage.  Lika’s family lineage is one of storied gold coin dealers; a trade long believed to be the lifeline of the Mediterranean. Her collection elegantly reconciles the rich inspiration of ancient jewelry traditions, utilizing only pure and nimble 24 kt gold. The results are pieces wrought with a sensual and tactile modernism.  These beautiful 28mm long 24k yellow gold & oxidized silver dangle earrings are set with round rose-cut 6.41 ctw emeralds & .38 ctw champagne diamonds.

Sylva & Cie

Sylva Yepremian is an artisan jewelry designer with more than twenty years of experience creating and manufacturing unique pieces for the discerning client.  Sylva cites the vintage looks from the Art Deco period as a significant source of inspiration for her contemporary collections. What makes these pieces unique, however, is Sylva’s uncanny ability to incorporate her affinity for nature and the environment into the molten metals and colorful jewels—her respect for their organic and unrefined beginnings gives her rings, bangles, earrings, charms and pendants their singular allure.  These stunning 18k yellow gold shepherd hook earrings are set with 33.98ctw of Amazon Trapezoid Emeralds and 1.15ctw of pave diamonds.

Martin Bernstein 

 Martin Bernstein uses precious and semi precious stones capturing them in a delicately woven array of multi-colored strands of fringed, seemingly tangled chains netting the precious items within a web of the tiniest gauged 14 kt yellow, white, rose gold, sterling silver and palladium chains.  Inspired by nature Martin's creation has a  flow to them like moss on an aspen. This unique 56" long 14k yellow, rose, and white gold and sterling silver dripping chain necklace is strung with 3mm emeralds.

Emerald Necklace[/caption]

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