Anne Sportun At Couture 2016

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The Couture Design Awards 2016 is sure to showcase some of the finest jewelry on earth.  Every year more than 200 designers submit pieces to this show that are assessed by qualified industry judges. Melissa Oster of Oster Jewelers had the honor of judging in 2013. This event brings thousands of people to Vegas every year. Considered the Oscars of jewelry, Couture will feature pieces registering in the following categories: Bridal, Colored Gemstones Below $20K (retail), Colored Gemstones Above $20K (retail), Diamonds Below $20K (retail), Diamonds Above $20K (retail), Gold, Pearls, Platinum, Silver, Innovative and Haute Couture. Oster Jewelers is an industry leader in carrying these established and up-and-coming award winning jewelry designers and their collections.

Anne Sportun

Anne Sportun Graduated Diamond Slice Necklace

One brand to be looking out for this year is Anne Sportun.  While the brand has a focus on bridal jewelry, its unique one of a kind collection sets it apart as a high jewelry maker with a more casual bohemian feel.  This year Anne Sportun will be registering a very unique necklace at Couture 2016. The necklace is made of raw diamond slices set in an 18k yellow gold chain with a diamond slice cross pendant surrounded by diamond baguettes.  The necklace is unique for its raw approach to the gemstone use.  Another unique element to this necklace is the diamond faceted slice sequins were once used on a very fine saris from the middle east.  These diamonds were selected  to create the elegant graduation of sizes for the necklace.  Each gold support is hand made for each “sequin”.

When we asked Anne Sportun about the necklace she said “The naturally shaped sequins remind me of a snow flake, all so individual and unique. A snowflake  was the inspiration for the centre pendant which, I feel, ties the piece together.” She disclosed that the piece really is a rather raw piece of nature, translated into an elegant necklace embodying a union between nature and product design.

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