Sydney Evan & Jacquie Aiche: Bohemian Jewelry Summer Wardrobe

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 Bohemian inspired jewelry for a more casual or rugged look has become very popular over the past years.  When thinking of this style it invokes a free spirited expression with hints of high fashion, but is found in an affordable price range that still allows for quality materials and craftsmanship.  We wanted to illuminate two wonderful brands embodying this same spirit that were at Couture 2016 Vegas, Sydney Evan, and Jacquie Aiche. 

This year Sydney Evan celebrates its 15th anniversary, more specifically Rosanne Karmes celebrates the 15th anniversary of her company.  Rosanne named her trail blazing  company after her daughter (Sydney) and son (Evan. )

Rosanne started off her career with Marvel Jewelry Company in Los Angeles where she acquired on the job experience from some of the finest jewelry makers from Europe.   This yielded insight for her to design the Sydney Evan brand. 

Sydney Evan tends to stay close to charms, rings, and earrings incorporating micro paves set in fine metal such yellow and rose gold.  Her bead work, which also incorporates charms, is truly uncanny using precious gemstones with vibrant colors.  Another favorite is her use of triangle geometry to create some of the most beautiful yet simple works of art the industry has to offer.  This brand truly has a casual solution to fine jewelry that is subtle yet stylish for the adventuresome soul. 

On the more natural side of the the bohemian equation is Jacquie Aiche.  Also based out of Los Angeles, this brand brings to mind ideas of a free spirited rugged, somewhat nomadic design approach.  Showing more of the natural facets and slices of raw gemstones instead of the perfectly formed gemstone, brings a natural sense of beauty to its pieces. 

Youthful yet timeless, this company has executed their style with grace and set themselves apart from the crowd as being everyday casual wear that is still  invoking fine craftsmanship.  Another unique fact about this brand is that Jacquie Aiche produces some of the most coveted body-ware jewelry. Perfect for warm adventures, summer escapes and exotic locales.

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