Bell and Ross Watches: Luxury Meets Innovation

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The watchmakers who genuinely innovate and are first past the post in technical accomplishments are those who truly deserve a place in horological history. Bell & Ross is one such brand that can check all those boxes. The French watchmaker’s popularity among watch enthusiasts stems from how rapidly it established itself in the minds of many, despite the fact that it was created in 1992. When you consider that other prominent companies were created more than 100 years ago, Bell and Ross watches have earned a place at a table surrounded by other prestigious names in the luxury watch business.

Carlos A. Rosillo and Bruno Belamich, the business’s founders and boyhood friends, built the company on a three-word philosophy: efficiency, readability, and dependability. These guiding principles have propelled the brand into the minds of pilots, divers, and even bomb disposal specialists.

Notable achievements include outfitting the French Security Service’s bomb disposal unit and designing the Hydromax, generally considered the world’s most dependable watch capable of diving to depths of 11,110 meters. However, the brand is most renowned for its relationship with aviation, with many of its dials being perfect reproductions or highly influenced by aircraft cockpit instruments. It lends Bell & Ross an easily recognizable identity.

History Of Bell & Ross Watches

The company was first established in 1992 as a college project by two friends, Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo. Belamich is the watch designer, while Rosillo is in charge of operations. Some of the brand’s early timepieces were manufactured by Sinn, a well-known German watchmaker.

Soon after, Bell and Ross started producing their designs while still being manufactured by Sinn. In 2005, the company took a new direction with the release of the renowned BR-01 Instrument, which has a prominent round dial within a square-shaped casing. 

The Reputation Of Bell & Ross Watches

The brand makes an effort to guarantee that its timepieces are designed for professionals by experts. To ensure the highest quality, all Bell and Ross watches are designed in collaboration with experts in their professions, including watchmakers and architects and pilots, space travelers, and skydivers.

Numerous spectacular reviews of the brand have been published on reputable watch-related websites by watch professionals. Additionally, there is this study by artist and watch enthusiast John Mayer. He discusses the Bell and Ross BR126 Sport Heritage Chronograph, which he believes shone out at the 2013 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.

The Quality Of Bell & Ross Watches

Bell and Ross is a reputable watch company that improves its aesthetics and diversifies its offerings. They are renowned for producing high-quality timepieces with reliable innovations.

Due to the meticulous cycle and trusted partners in watchmaking, the organization’s clientele comprises specialists—world-class Armed Forces units, pilots, space explorers, law enforcement officials, submariners, and bomb removal jumpers, to name a few.

Bell & Ross timepieces are manufactured in Switzerland. When the brand began, its watches were manufactured by German watchmaker Sinn.

Bell & Ross relocated manufacture to La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, in 2005.

All Bell & Ross timepieces include ‘Swiss Made’ at the dial’s foot.

Best Bell & Ross Watches
Bell & Ross BR V2-92 Aeronavale Bronze & Blue

BR V2-92 Aeronavale Bronze

To complement the Vintage BR Aéronavale line, Bell & Ross introduced the BR V2-94 Aéronavale Bronze, a limited edition of 999 pieces that blends utility and elegance while gently recalling the distinguished ceremonial attire worn by French navy commanders.

This exquisite chronograph is targeted at collectors of fine timepieces. Bronze – a material loved by Bell & Ross is known for its shifting nature, which lends its distinctive character. In stabilized CuAl7Si2 bronze (91 percent copper, 7% aluminum, and 2% silicon), its 41-mm casing is distinguished by its golden gold hue. It also offers a wide range of unusual hues.

Bell & Ross BR V2-92 Military Beige Watch
BR V2-92 Military Beige

The vintage-inspired Bell & Ross BR V2-92 Military Beige is dressed in beige and pays homage to the United States military services with utilitarian elegance. The 41mm stainless steel case holds the BR-CAL.302 automatic mechanical caliber, complemented by a bi-directional rotating steel bezel with an anodized black aluminum ring and a 60-minute scale.

Bell & Ross BR V2-93 GMT on Rubber Strap
BR V2-93 GMT

With its bi-directional 24-hour GMT bezel capable of highlighting three time zones, the Bell & Ross BR V2-93 GMT pilot’s watch is the ideal timepiece for those jet-setters. The 41 mm. satin-polished steel casing houses the automated mechanical BR-CAL.303 caliber, which has a power reserve of about 42 hours. The two-toned grey and black anodized aluminum disc wrap around the black dial, complementing the GMT bezel.

Bell & Ross BR V2-93 GMT - Lifestyle

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