Keeping Time Podcast S.5 Episode 6: James Thompson, Creative Independent Artist

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James Thompson of Black Badger returns for Keeping Time with Oster Watches Podcast, S5 Episode 6.

We welcome back our intriguing and always curious friend, James, to chat about… well, whatever comes to mind! James Thompson is one of the most interesting and in-demand craftsman who adds a certain magic to some of the coolest watches on the market – from MB&F to De Bethune and a whole bunch more. Are you wearing an Indie watch with some cool lume? If so, it’s a pretty safe bet that James is responsible! Doug, Jeremy and James engage in an unscripted conversation which meanders back and forth amidst a variety of topics ranging from Octopus to Tikron of Russia, Spector Titanium to CNC Machining and of course Gypsy curses. We also engage in some irreverent topics.

As usual, this episode is a free-flowing conversation with minimal editing. Jeremy Oster is your host along with co-host, Doug Hoyt.  Thanks as always to Doug who is also the Producer of Keeping Time Podcast.

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James Thompson of Black Badger (Red Fordite Dial from the BWD Badgerworks series) (c) David Svensson

Black Badger Studio in Sweden

Fordite + Super Magnesium Showstopper ring

De Bethune DB28 Grand Bleu by Day

De Bethune DB28 Grand Bleu by night, showing off the Blue Moon Badgerite Lume

Black Badger Limited Edition Lumed Cherry Blossom Band

GoS Norrsken Northern Lights hand-guilloché dial with green Badgerite Lume

Cheers to James showing off his De Bethune DB28 Grand Bleu

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De Bethune
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