Butterfly Jewelry Welcomes Spring at Oster Jewelers

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Few things symbolize the birth of Spring quite like the butterfly. Upon the thaw of the last frost these whimsical creatures arrive to greet the budding flowers of a new year. They have long been a popular jewelry choice for adornment, as this beautiful insect reminds us of our ability to transform. It’s easy to see why, as their entire lifespan is a metamorphosis from egg to caterpillar until they emerge from their chrysalis in their final captivating form.

Adolfo Butterfly Earrings
Adolfo Courrier Amethyst & Diamond Butterfly Earrings

Butterflies have a deep connection throughout human history in almost every culture. In Mexican lore the butterfly is attributed to the “Prince of Flowers,” – the God of spring, love, and vegetation. Native Americans believed carefully caught butterflies would carry whispered prayers and wishes to the Great Spirit. 

Vernissage Butterfly Net
Vernissage Bronzed Silver Butterfly Net Necklace

Across the Atlantic the Ancient Greeks tied the butterfly to the idea of eternal love and the soul’s immortality with Psyche (the Goddess of the Soul) depicted as a woman with butterfly wings who was so beautiful she won the heart of the God of Love. Dating back to the Prehistoric Paleolithic period this magical insect was connected to the concept of the “Great Goddess,” personifying heaven and earth as well as life and death. This belief surrounding this Great Mother deity led credence to the mythos behind witches having the ability to transform into butterflies.

Dominique Cohen Butterfly Enhancer
Dominque Cohen Petite Butterfly Enhancer

Almost every culture ties the butterfly to the soul. In addition to that the butterfly is a metaphor for abundance, joy, and immortality in China. In Japan they are the ultimate embodiment of a young woman, with a fluttering group of butterflies believed to denote marital happiness.

Adolfo Courrier Blue Sapphire & Diamond Butterfly Ring
Adolfo Courrier Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring

While butterflies have been found on jewelry and artifacts throughout human history it wasn’t until the Victorian period and later the Art Deco era that real butterfly wings surged in popularity as adornments. These intricate hand-cut pieces were delicately lacquered in precious metals creating stunning pieces of artwork that caught the eye as never before. This style stayed popular for nearly a century but a more cruelty free depiction of the wondrous butterfly has taken over since then. Find them gilded in precious metals and decorated in dazzling diamonds at Oster Jewelers.

Sydney Evan Butterfly Charm Bracelet
Sydney Evan Moonstone Pavé Diamond Butterfly Bracelet

Visit Oster Jewelers this Spring to catch your own fluttering butterfly from our In the Garden Collection of fine jewelry.

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