In the Garden: A Springtime Jewelry Collection

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Birds are chirping, bees are buzzing, and the first blooms of Spring are blossoming all around. Bedazzled flora and fauna have arrived at Oster Jewelers to greet the new season in this whimsical collection of wearable art by Santagostino, Adolfo Courrier, Melinda Risk, and more! Join Oster Jewelers as we take you on a tour of sparkly delights comprised of painted enamel, hand-carved gold, and precious stones with the In the Garden Collection.
Santagostino Amethyst Double Frog RingSantagostino Summer Solstice Ring2
Italy’s Santagostino makes fairy tales to reality on these fantastical vibrant pieces that explode with life. Enameled busy bees and ladybugs “pollinate” ornate precious gem garden dreamscapes with mushrooms, exotic flowers, and frogs set in 18k gold. Shop the Santagostino Collection at Oster Jewelers.
Unique Branch Coral Bracelet
Arguably Mother Nature’s hardest worker, the bee is showcased in moonstone, diamonds, and 18k yellow gold on this intricate one-of-a-kind Branch Coral Bracelet made in Germany.

Nature’s fluttering pollinators, hummingbirds are said to “flap” their feathery wings in a figure-eight approximately 3000 times a minute. Robin Haley has preserved the beauty of these fast flighted friends in sparkling white diamonds and 14k yellow gold on these darling Hummingbird Dangle Earrings.

A pavé diamond frog gazes into a pool of cool green quartz on this fabulous statement ring by Adolfo Courrier. The ring’s shank is blanketed with green sapphires while the frog sits nestled on a corner, playfully ready to leap.

Adding depth and dimension, Baroque pearls bring the flattering pear shape silhouette to the ears on Lene Vibe‘s pearl dangle earrings. These simply stunning earrings hang delicately from a bouquet of 18kyg flowers and diamonds. Pearls are believed to be a symbol of wisdom and appreciated for their calming abilities.

The world comes to life all around when the season of Spring arrives. As the first budding flowers take their place in the ground, up in the trees birds are building the perfect nest to hatch and raise their young. Italian designer Vernissage has captured this precious moment in infinite detail on this Happy Bird ring made of burnished silver and set with a diamond and pink sapphires.
Melinda Risk Fox Spirit Animal Ring Melinda Risk Rabbit Spirit Animal Ring Melinda Risk Owl Spirit Animal Ring
If you keep a watchful eye you’ll see a bounty of woodland creatures in the Spring garden at Oster Jewelers. Perhaps, an owl, a rabbit, and even a fox! The likeness of these beautiful animals has been represented in jaw-dropping design by Melinda Risk in hand-carved 18k yellow gold. Each piece from the Spirit Animals collection has diamond studded eyes and a hidden surprise on the reverse of the ring.

All of life begins with a seed. From this single seed planted, an entire world of nourishment, habitat, love, and protection can grow. Much like the Tree of Life, we are constantly evolving. As each branch grows in strength and height reaching towards the sky, as do we – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Evoke the essence of nature with this spirited 14k yellow gold and silver Tree of Life disc pendant, pavé set with diamonds and green tsavorite.

Alex Soldier Snail RIng
The delightful snail serves as a gentle reminder to slow down and appreciate the world around us. Savor every dew drop and remember to smell the roses in the garden this Spring. Alex Soldier masterfully displays his expert craftsmanship and amazing sense of design with this charming Snail ring. It dazzles with a blend of warm-toned diamonds, sapphires, citrines, and garnets all set in platinum and 18k yellow gold.

Whether shopping for yourself, a birthday, or a Mother’s day treat, visit the In the Garden Collection at Oster Jewelers for unique gift ideas this Spring.

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