Customizing Your Timepiece With Oster

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Oster Jewelers has been a proud retailer for the luxury watch industry for over 15 years.  CEO Jeremy Oster is known throughout the watchmaking industry for his expertise and ability to acquire rare timepieces of the most elite caliber for clients.  Jeremy’s ability to acquire exclusive timepieces and educate clients on craftsmanship and history are not his only talents relative to the industry, but also he is a very tasteful when it comes to customizing a mechanical watch.

Working with brands like Armin Strom & Emmanuel Bouchet Jeremy will make sure to create a timepiece for clients that not only resonates with them but fits their lifestyle and wardrobe.  In his process of customizing a watch you can be sure that because of his elevated pallet he will gear a clients piece towards iconic movements and features that have stood the
test of time, and some that are modern wonders.  The piece below is a Skeleton Air by Armin Strom but you will not find it on their website or in a catalogue because every feature on it is customized by Jeremy.

Custom Armin Strom Watch

With this watch Jeremy chose to take gold movement pieces and combine them with hand engraved titanium pieces. This gives the watch depth and dimension while showcasing excellent use of precious metals. He chose a less busy dial that would showcase the inner workings to help reinforce such a beautiful movement. The case is a custom mix of titanium steel and ceramic. The front and back bezel are titanium but the center of the case is a beautiful ceramic that wraps around and then connects to the rubber straps.  Finally an exhibition back was chosen to showcase the back of the movement which is heat treated steel that yields a blue tone.

Custom Armin Strom Watch

As you can see Jeremy has an eye for design when delivering a truly unique product for a client. Below is another example giving testament to Jeremy’s ability to deliver in astounding ways when customizing a timepiece. The initial design of this piece is by watchmaker Emmanuel Bouchet.  Called the Complication One, it has one of the most innovative dials in the history of watchmaking. This is a floating dial with customized hands spikes and bridge metals of white gold and rose gold. The dial color is a custom white, picked to help showcase the innovative dial mechanics. This watch was approached with a blue theme for the client.  The movement is housed inside a 18k white gold case that has been treated to have a beautiful blue tone.

Custom Emmanuel Bouchet

When on the journey to find the right watch for you sometimes its best to handpick all features on it to fit your desires.  Oster Jewelers sets an outstanding bar for stunning customized timepieces and will make sure that not only you get a beautiful timepiece but a timepiece that no else has.

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