Keeping Time Podcast #11: Claude Greisler

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Keeping Time With Oster Watches, Episode Eleven, features Jeremy Oster with master watchmaker, Claude Greisler.  Mr Greisler is the creative genius behind the impressive in-house calibers created at Armin Strom.  One of his latest accomplishments is the Mirrored Force Resonance, and truly this watch not only is a technical feat but reduces industry standards of time inaccuracy.  Resonance consists of two pendulums, one body in motion relays its vibrations to its surroundings and the other recieves these vibrations and starts resonating in a sympathetic frequency. The intricate design of these resonating pendulums has been instrumental in creating accurate time for this watch.


Mirrored Force Resonance

Join us as we learn about Claude’s impressive career, history with the likes of Chistophe Claret, as well as his philosophy and desire to create something truly special at Manufacture Armin Strom.

Claude Greisler

Claude Presenting the New Mirrored Force Resonance


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