Keeping Time With the Moon Phase Watch

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April’s full moon is associated with the appearance of moss pink (mosslike mats: cultivated for its pink, white, or lavender flowers) which helped give the title Pink Moon.  Coastal first nation tribes called this full moon in April the Fish Moon which was in connection with a type of fish that swam upstream called the Shad. Understanding lunar cycles was an important piece in creating a type of calendar  signifying certain times for hunting and farming for ancient peoples.  A basic calendar would have been essential to an understanding of when to sow  seeds in order to reap the best harvest or when certain animals were more efficient to hunt.  Modern day farmers carry their calendars around on their wrist – and yet ancient people had no such luxury.  Understanding these cycles contributed to longevity and survival of tribes before the existence of our modern methods of timekeeping.  If you didn’t know your lunar cycles here is a stunning watch company that will help you keep track.    

We may not rely so heavily on the moon to guide us, but the mystic is still there. Paying homage to the moonphase is watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva. Coming on strong in the limited edition moonphase watch game is Sarpaneva Korona.  Perfectionism, enthusiasm and an infinite passion for watchmaking inspired Stepan Sarpaneva to create watches of  his own.  In 2003 he founded his own company in Helsinki, Finland where he individually handcrafts each watch at  the workshop.  The collection Korona K0 Northern Lights introduces a breathtaking edition of three luminous timepieces: Green, Blue and Violet.  The beauty of this watch not only allows for you to keep track of moon phases, but the movement is mechanical and made in house.  Also this is a unique piece because the dial is made with super luminous material that replicates brilliant colors so that you can use it in the dark.

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