Watches For An Active Lifestyle

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What if I told you your wrist isn’t living up to its full watch potential?  While this might rank pretty high on the list of top “first world problems,” it’s one that most watch enthusiasts experience (even if they don’t realize it).  Think about it: Do you substitute a G-Shock, Timex, or Fitbit out for your fine horological timepiece every time you do something active or strenuous?  Well fret no more! Here are some great options that will stand up to your active lifestyle without sacrificing your horological dignity.



When talking wristwatches that can handle any environment most people wouldn’t picture a highly polished case, thin profile, or sub 40mm diameter. The “dress/casual watch” tends to be a delicate piece of art meant to fit discretely under a sleeve cuff. What Nomos has done, is take that aesthetic and toughened it. Take the Ahoi, it is a 200m diver and only 10.5mm thick.  The high water resistance rating allows the wearer to dawn the Ahoi regardless of environment conditions and the thinness makes it less likely to accidentally hit.  True to Nomos style, the Bauhaus inspired design gives the watch a clean look that can be worn with sports attire and casual clothing.



Without a doubt if you’re looking for a sports watch that screams it means business and makes its presence known the Hublot Big Bang is the watch you’re looking for. No subtlety about it, the case is made like a tool and looks the part. With the fusion of materials, the Big Bang has been built like a tank. Metals range from highly durable stainless steel to light weight titanium to ceramic. And if those aren’t enough choices, add nearly scratch proof 18k King Gold (Hublot’s proprietary ceramic/gold alloy) into the mix. Combine these durable materials with a case that utilizes both design and Kevlar to provide protective shock absorption and you’ve got a “real” watch made for the outdoors.




Hublot Classic Fusion White Dial



With a slogan like “tested beyond endurance,” your watch better be tough! And without a doubt Bremont watches are. Take the MB collection for instance. The Chronometer certified timepieces are shot out of a jet fighter ejection seat, frozen/heated, hit, and that’s just the start. They’re used and purchased by real adventurers and military squadrons. The steel they use for the case is seven times harder than normal stainless steel. The movement is housed such that the watch can take up to 30 G’s worth of force. Overkill right? Well, yes, but that means you don’t have to worry about wearing this watch hiking, climbing, mountain biking, skiing, or anything your outdoor heart desires.

Bremont Solo Cream Dial

Bremont Solo Creme Dial


Bremont Solo Black Dial

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