Keeping Time Podcast S.4 Episode 11: Joshua Munchow – Quill & Pad

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Joshua Munchow, Technical Writer for Quill & Pad joins us for Keeping Time S4 Episode 11.

The best way to introduce today’s guest, Joshua, is with his own words. After all, writing is Joshua’s specialty. Joshua writes that he is, “the resident “nerdwriter” for Quill & Pad where I write weekly articles about the more technical side of watchmaking or just share my passion about a fantastic watch. I revel in the complicated aspects of watch movements thanks to a lifelong love of gears and clever mechanisms. I have a background in model-making, machining, and a history of dissecting anything I could as a child.”

That sums it up nicely – thank you Joshua. This podcast explores a wide range of subjects from the history and development of hairsprings to the trends in watchmaking today. We discuss Joshua’s background and how he came to write for Quill and Pad as well as exploring how Joshua approaches the topics about which he writes with such eloquence. Please join us for a thoroughly engaging, meandering conversation with a highly unique and individual journalist of exceptional talent. And if you really want to know which watch Joshua really can’t stand, it’s all in this episode! You’ll just have to give it a listen to find out. 

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