Keeping Time Podcast S.4 Episode 10: Pierre Jaccques – CEO De Bethune

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De Bethune CEO, Pierre Jacques joins us for Keeping Time S4 Episode 10.

In this episode of Keeping Time podcast, we are joined by Pierre Jacques, CEO of De Bethune. Mr. Jacques takes time from his vacation in Spain to join us in a great conversation as we strive to learn more about the enigmatic haute horlogerie creations of De Bethune. One of the most creative and original brands, De Bethune is also one of the most technically adventurous and fascinating companies. From space age to classic, everything De Bethune creates is a work of art and truly considered a Grail watch for so many collectors and enthusiasts. Approx 150 pieces are made per year making De Bethune one of the world’s rarest and most sought after creators. 

Our conversation seeks to explore what drives this remarkable company and the creative genius behind the watches, Denis Flageollet. We discuss the history of the brand including the challenges and the evolution and the desires for the future. We delve into some of the details that sets a De Bethune apart from another fine watch and explore the creative side of haute horlogerie. 

Enjoy the episode! 

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