Keeping Time Podcast S.4 Episode 9: Josh Shapiro – J.N. Shapiro Watches

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Josh Shapiro of J.N. Shapiro Watches joins Keeping Time with Oster Watches Episode S4 E9. As we approach July 4th weekend here in America and celebrate Independence Day, it seems most appropriate to re-visit the incredibly talented Independent American artisan, Josh Shapiro of JN Shapiro Watches.  

Since our first episode with Josh, he has presented at the New York Horological Society, been featured numerous times in blogs such as Hodinkee and A Blog to Watch and become a hot commodity among knowledgeable watch collectors and enthusiasts. We thought it would be a great time to catch up with Josh and see what he has learned since we last spoke! Join us as we discuss the process of making a fine guilloché dial as well as the different techniques, material choices, complexities and challenges. We also learn more about JN Shapiro’s plans for the continuing growth of his company. We are also briefly joined by a charming, keen and talented young apprentice dial-maker who is starting his career under the expert tutelage of one of America’s leading creative watch talents, Josh Shapiro. 

We hope you enjoy this incredibly informative conversation between Josh and your Keeping Time hosts Jeremy and Doug.

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