Keeping Time Podcast S.5 Episode 3: Vincent Calabrese

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Legendary watchmaker Vincent Calabrese joins Keeping Time with Oster Watches Podcast, S5 Episode 3

We’re back for another episode! As always, we look for the most interesting stories that need to be told. We are joined by Vincent Calabrese, founder of AHCI, inventor of some of the most famous movements including the Golden Bridge for Corum and the original Blancpain Tourbillon with 8-days reserve as well as the more recent Caroussel Tourbillon.  An icon in the watch industry and a restless creative force, Mr. Calabrese joins us to discuss his incredible journey in haute horlogerie.  Mr. Calabrese started his watchmaking career at the age of 14. Now, in his late 70’s, he has no plans to slow down or to stop creating and designing. Listen in to an engaging, open and honest conversation with the assistance of Mr. Calabrese’s wife as we strive to learn more about one of the most creative and fascinating watchmakers who, more than most, is at the heart and soul of what makes mechanical watches so special and desirable today.
Deep within me there is a true desire for innovation. I am incapable of limiting myself to what I know, and to surpass myself is still my goal even after a career of nearly sixty years.” – Vincent Calabrese. 

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As always, this episode is a free-flowing conversation with minimal editing. This podcast is all about the personalities in the industry and the passion that drives the creativity and desirability of the beautiful products that we all appreciate.

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Vincent Calabrese, Founder AHCI

Vincent Calabrese in his workshop

The Tourbillon Caroussel for Blancpain

Prototype of the Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge for Corum (circa 1980’s)

The Phantom, Pegasus, and Personelle “C” (l-r)

Detailed views of the Personelle “C” and Pegasus

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