Keeping Time Podcast S.5 Episode 2: Patrik Sjögren, GoS Watches

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Patrik Sjögren, CEO & Master Watchmaker of GoS Watches joins Keeping Time with Oster Watches Podcast, S5 Episode 2

This episode Keeping Time Podcast is dedicated to the memory of Micki Oster, who passed away on Feb 17th, 2021. 

We’re back for another episode! As always, we look for the most interesting stories that need to be told. We are joined by Swedish watchmaker and CEO of GoS Watches, Patrik Sjögren.  In 2007, Mr. Sjögren formed a partnership with fellow Swede and famed Master Bladesmith, Johan Gustafsson; creating a shared mission to fabricate individual, mechanical timepieces. Each piece respects a deep passion for their respective crafts and for the ancient Scandinavian traditions including the thousand year old technique of welding Damascus steel. We delve into the array of fascinating crafts that combine to fashion the remarkable and distinctive timepieces of this strikingly independent watch company. The latest creation, Norrsken (Northern Lights), is inspired by the beauty of nature as evidenced in the incredible colors of the phenomenal night sky spectacle that can be seen in Northern Europe.  The realization of this ambitious concept is made possible by the collaboration and expertise of a handful of incredibly talented artisans. Each contributor is an expert and innovator in their field. Listen in as we discuss the creation, challenges and unique aspects of this fascinating new Limited Edition timepiece. 

As always, this episode is a free-flowing and unedited conversation. This podcast is all about the personalities in the industry and the passion that drives the creativity and desirability of the beautiful products that we all appreciate.

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Gustafsson & Sjögren (GoS), the Swedish independent watch brand, is pleased to unveil its new model, the limited edition Norrsken. Named after the Northern Lights, this timepiece captures the appearance of swirling green lights dancing across northern skies. The watch draws upon the expertise of various artisans and encompasses a choice of a Damascus steel dial or a hand-guilloché dial. A handblown index ring, formed of Swedish crystal, allows an extraordinary degree of luminescence to pass through its clear surface, flooding the dial with vivid green tones.

GoS Norrsken Guilloche Green Dial GoS Norrsken Damascus Green Dial
The Norrsken is available in a hand-guilloché dial or Damascus steel dial.

The Norrsken is available with a choice of case rings, dials and bezels. At the heart of the watch is the Calibre GoS03, featuring premium finishing and a customized micro-rotor hand-forged in Damascus steel. Can’t wait create yours now. Phone Oster Jewelers 303.572.1111 to create your Limited Edition GoS Northern lights now. Read the GoS Northern Lights product pages for details.

Calibre Go303
The GoS Norrsken is powered by the Go303.

GoS, based in Linköping, Sweden is proud of its Scandinavian heritage. Over the years, they have created watches inspired by Scandinavian history and nature and the Norrsken, the Swedish term for the Northern Lights, emulates the appearance of this natural phenomenon. 

GoS Norrsken
The Northern Lights phenomenon served as inspiration for the Norrsken.

The Norrsken, housed in a 41.5mm stainless steel case, encompasses an array of materials. It is available with a Damascus steel dial, a material synonymous with GoS, or a hand-guilloché dial. This latter option is produced in collaboration with the renowned guilloché specialist, Jochen Benzinger. Both dial options evince the same captivating green hue. GoS can also manufacture the case in precious metals upon request.

Jochen Benzinger creating the guilloche dial
Guilloché master Jochen Benzinger creating the intricate guilloché design.

A closeup of the rose engine lathe engraving the dial.

The Damascus steel dial is hand-forged and features a unique Northern Lights motif. It combines matte black and high-gloss polished emerald green tones and depicts the animated motion of the Northern Lights swirling colors.

Creating the damascus dial
Creating the damascus dial
Each hand-forged Damascus dial has a unique design.

An index ring, encircling the dial, is produced by Swedish master craftsman, Mikael Kenlind of Vas Vitreum. This clear index ring is hand-sculpted and handblown in Swedish crystal, a rare form of glass seldom seen outside of the country. Twelve small fixation points hold the index ring in place, allowing a degree of flex and thereby mitigating the risk of damage should the watch be subject to impact.

Hand blown index ring

Mikael Kenlind creating the hand-blown clear index ring.

James Thompson and his company, Black Badger, again based in Sweden, provide an insert ring cast from solid Badgerite. This solid lume material, developed in collaboration with Swiss firm, RC Tritec, the makers of Super-LumiNova, is positioned behind the glass index ring. The clear glass ring refracts light into the case, creating a mesmerizing green shimmer. A further application of lume is positioned below the index ring near the exposed dial area, enhancing the readability of the indexes. A special colour of lume and method of application were developed specifically for this watch. This means of illumination shuns any form of electronics or high-tech luminescence, concepts alien to GoS, a firm which is renowned for employing traditional handcraftsmanship.

Lume effect on guilloche dial
The Badgerite insert ring from Black Badger provides a luminescent glow

Spear-shaped hour and minute hands convey the prevailing time, while the GoS triskele indicates the running seconds. Both the index ring and seconds display are recessed within the dial which is filled with SuperLumiNova.

Spear shaped hands
Spear-shaped hour and minute hands

With the Northern Lights Damascus steel dial, a series of Super-LumiNova dots are positioned below the GoS triskele seconds hand, producing an animated effect as the hand rotates. Like the dial, the case of the Norrsken is also available in two main variants. One option features a highly polished stainless-steel case ring, while a second version is endowed with a Damascus steel case ring. The bezel and the caseback are facetted, accentuating the appearance of the fluted case ring. The bezel is available in a choice of highly polished stainless steel or Damascus steel, both finished in the GoS workshop. Furthermore, all pin buckles are forged of Damascus steel, produced by GoS, and feature the brand’s triskele logo.

GoS is customizable with your choice of dial, bezel, and case.
Multiple dial, case, and bezel configurations are available at Oster Jewelers

The caseback is fitted with a pane of sapphire crystal allowing the wearer to view the automatic movement within. The Calibre GoS03 is made by movement specialist Schwarz Etienne and customized by GoS. It encompasses premium finishing, including hand-polished bevels and specific modifications requested by GoS, including a dedicated escape wheel bridge. They equip the movement with their own micro-rotor, hand-forged in Damascus steel.
Case back
See the calibre in motion in the sapphire glass caseback.

Its upper surface is suffused with shades of green and black, matching the appearance of the dial. The micro-rotor sits flush with the neighboring bridges, mitigating the height of the movement and providing unrestricted views of numerous beautifully finished components. The ratchet wheel is adorned with the GoS triskele emblem. When the mainspring is fully wound, the watch will run autonomously for 86 hours.

Detail view of Calibre Go303.

The Norrsken is supplied on a sumptuous strap, handmade in Stockholm from high-gloss, polished salmon leather. Finally, the watch is presented in a handblown Swedish crystal presentation box, once again, handcrafted by Mikael Kenlind of Vas Vitreum.

Leather straps
Polished salmon leather strap with a Damascus steel buckle.
Guilloche Watch box Damascus Watch box
Each watch comes in a hand-blown Swedish glass presentation box.

We are excited to offer this incredibly beautiful limited edition watch from GoS Watches.

Visit Oster Jewelers for more info on the GoS Norrsken or phone 303.572.1111 for inquires.

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