Keeping Time S.6 Ep. 6 Jeremy Oster, Co-Founder Oster Jewelers. Guest Host Scott Rosen.

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Oster Jewelers is celebrating their 20th anniversary this month so we are turning the tables on owner, Jeremy Oster. This episode’s theme is all about taking chances — how others took a chance on Jeremy, how Jeremy and his wife Melissa took a chance on themselves, and how they took chances on up-and-coming independent watchmakers. We learn how building relationships is the key to becoming one of the premier independent watch retailers in the world and how evolving with an ever-changing industry is the recipe for success. What does the future hold? Are collaborations and exclusives the future of collecting? Tune in to hear Jeremy’s story and upcoming plans.

A special thanks to Scott Rosen as the guest host on this episode who continued the podcast’s tradition of a free-flowing conversational approach to learning more about the personalities that drive the industry. Of course, thanks most of all to our listeners and supporters around the globe. Keeping Time Podcast is commercial free and sponsored entirely by Oster Jewelers.

This podcast is all about the personalities in the industry and the passion that drives the creativity and desirability of the beautiful products that we all appreciate. If you enjoy Keeping Time Podcast please let others know. Kindly take a moment to rate and review on iTunes or your favorite podcast player and share on social media. Your review means a lot to us and others. Tag @osterwatches on Instagram and be sure to visit Oster Jewelers for the latest in haute horlogerie. If you enjoy Keeping Time Podcast, please share with your watch-community friends.

Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force 18K Rose Gold Limited Oster Edition
Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force 18KRG Limited Oster Edition

Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force Stainless Steel Limited Oster Edition (on the wrist)
Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force Steel Limited Oster Edition

Schwarz Etienne x Oster Jewelers Roma Synergy by Kari Voutilainen
Schwarz Etienne x Oster Roma Synergy Evergreen Dial by Kari Voutilainen

Special thanks to special guest host Scott Rosen.
Listen to Keeping Time Podcast S.5 Episode 5: Scott Rosen, Watch Industry Specialist

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Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force 18KRG Limited Oster Edition

Oster Jewelers 20th Anniversary

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