Keeping Time S8 Ep.04 Michel Nieto, CEO Renaud Tixier

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In March of 2024, one of the most exciting new brands launched in the world of Independent Haute Horlogerie: Renaud Tixier. A combination of experience, expertise, unbridled talent and creativity, Renaud Tixier is the company created by Dominique Renaud and Julien Tixier. However, a company of talented craftsmen needs leadership to develop as a successful brand with a long-term strategy. Especially if it is to claim an important seat at the top table in the world of luxury watchmaking. This is the role of the CEO. We are delighted to welcome out guest for this episode of Keeping Time, Michel Nieto, CEO Renaud Tixier.

Join us as we learn about the incredible success stories which Mr Nieto has quietly steered, including rebuilding global brands for Richemont and developing strategies for success such as the award-winning Bulgari Octo Finissimo collection. We first met Michel in Genéve this year, at the bar of the Beau-Rivage hotel. This podcast is a continuation of that conversation with the highly engaging, focused and delightful Michel. Albeit without gin and tonics in hand, the conversation on this episode picks right up where we left off in Genéve and delves into Michel’s storied career and leads us into how he engaged with the talented team of Dominque Renaud and Julien Tixier.

Naturally, the conversation turns to a focus on the breakthrough introductory watch, Renaud Tixier “Monday” and Mr. Nieto gives us insight and technical details of this remarkable debut timepiece. We discuss the working methods of the two watchmakers, the incredible background of Dominique Renaud, founder of Renaud & Papi which was to become APRP (Audemars Piguet, Renaud & Papi). We discuss the incredible, prodigious talent of Julien Tixier and hear a very bold claim by Michel on the importance of this young watchmaker. This episode will provide tremendous insight for all collectors and fill in some of the history of the earlier period of today’s watchmaking era as well as entice all with the endless possibilities of fine watchmaking in the hands of the world’s most talented craftsmen.

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Renaud & Tixier
Renaud Tixier Watchmakers Julien Tixier (l) and Dominique Renaud (r)

Renaud Tixier Monday WG Silver Openworked
Renaud Tixier Monday WG Silver Openworked

Renaud Tixier Monday RG Silver Closed Dial

Renaud Tixier Monday RG Silver Openworked - Caseback
Renaud Tixier Monday RG Silver Exhibition Caseback

Renaud Tixier Collection
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