Keeping Time S.7 Ep.04: Bertrand Savary, President – Arnold & Son and Angelus

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We are joined for this episode by Bertrand Savary, one of the savviest and most experienced leaders in the luxury watch industry. Bertrand learned his trade working with a number of the most storied and legendary historical watch brands. His background, dating back to the early 2000’s, makes him the ideal visionary to embrace the importance of one of history’s most important watchmakers, Arnold & Son, as well as Angelus, one of the last century’s most intriguing brands.

Join us as Mr Savary leads us deeper into the brands that are under his watchful eye and also the impressive Manufacture, La Joux-Perret, which is under the same ownership as the two brands. Inspired by the past and with a clear vision for the future, Bertrand takes us deep into each of the brands and outlines the current direction and future projects that will shape the success of two of the most interesting names in haute horlogerie. Backed by one of the most important Manufactures in the industry, we learn how these brands enjoy a freedom and creative edge that few brands have the chance to explore. From Limited Editions and exclusive collaborations to new cutting edge complications, there is something within both of these extraordinary brands to appeal to any watch enthusiast.

Next year represents the 260th Anniversary of John Arnold opening his atelier. What is in store for this special Anniversary? Listen in and enjoy as the President of Arnold & Son and Angelus shares his plans for the brands.

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