Keeping Time S.7 Ep.05: Christine Hutter, Founder & CEO of Moritz Grossmann

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We are honored to be joined by Christine Hutter, “in person,” for this episode of Keeping Time. Christine Hutter is Founder and CEO of the extraordinary Manufacturer Moritz Grossmann. Located in Glashütte, Germany, the modern Manufacture creates breathtakingly beautiful, handcrafted timepieces which embody the true spirit of “Haute Horlogerie.” Nearly 175 years after the original factory was established in the famous watchmaking town of Glashütte, Christine Hutter retains the spirit and soul of the eponymous founder, whilst evolving fine modern-day watchmaking with numerous patents and innovations.

Join us as we chat with Ms. Hutter and learn about the brand which today takes it’s place amongst the world’s finest timepiece creators. Listen in as we discuss the methods employed today, the artistic approach to incredible dials such as the stunning Tremblage dial and others. We discuss the impressive manufacturing capabilities including the in-house screws, hands and all the elements which combine to make Moritz Grossmann such a unique and compelling offering today.

It is indeed an honor, privilege and joy to sit alongside Christine as we record this episode following her recent visit to our store, Oster Jewelers, in Denver. We hope that you enjoy this insightful episode and share with other watch-loving friends. Thank you as always for downloading Keeping Time podcast.

Jeremy Oster interviewing Christine Hutter
Jeremy Oster interviewing Christine Hutter for Keeping Time Podcast

Historical image of Carl Moritz Grossmann
Carl Moritz Grossmann

Moritz Grossmann Manufacture in Glashütte, Germany
Moritz Grossmann Manufacture in Glashütte, Germany

Tremblage dial in progress
Tremblage dial in progress

Movement assembly
Closeup of the assembly of the Tremblage movement

Hamatic movement
Hamatic movement seen through the exhibition sapphire glass caseback

Moritz Grossmann Universalzeit
Shop the Moritz Grossmann Collection

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