Keeping Time S.7 Ep.06: Claude Greisler, Armin Strom Co-Founder and Master Watchmaker

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Join us as we welcome Claude back to the podcast. Our most regularly featured guest, Claude is welcomed back for a second time this season with news of another brand new model. Listen in as the always engaging Master Watchmaker, Claude Greisler, discusses the recently unveiled Armin Strom One Week. As the name suggests, the new model has a power reserve of one full week. Based on a caliber originally launched by the brand a decade ago, Claude talks us through all the changes, modifications and aesthetic choices made by the brand as Armin Strom unveils this important addition to the expanding collection offered by the Manufacture today.

Claude shares technical details and further insights into his incredible company, Armin Strom, co-founded by Claude Greisler and Serge Michel. Listen in as host Jeremy Oster once again invites Claude to share his immense knowledge, passion and artistic sensibility with our listeners. We recommend also listening to our previous episodes with Claude as each has a unique focus and all episodes offer incredible insights into the world of haute horlogerie from the perspective of an exceptional Independent watchmaker.

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We hope that our listeners enjoy the discussion in this episode, expand their knowledge, and continue to gain insights into the fascinating world of horology. Many topics are covered and the conversation is rich in content and insight. We hope that you enjoy this episode of Keeping Time with Oster Watches.

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Claude Greisler - Co-Founder of Armin Strom
Claude Greisler, Co-Founder & Master Watchmaker

2010 One Week Skeleton
One Week Skeleton – The first watch from the manufacture released in 2010

Armins Strom One Week
Armin Strom One Week Skeleton

Armins Strom One Week - On the wrist

Armin Strom One Week First Edition

Armin Strom One Week - Side View
Closeup of the crown of the Armin Strom One Week First Edition

Armins Strom Collection at Oster Jewelers

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