Pairing Stones To Pantones

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The 2016 Pantone Color Palette is recognizable from some of this years fall favorite interior designs and fashion collections. Whether it is a Bodacious purple or an Airy Blue, these colors are beautiful and are perfect additions to your personal wardrobe palette.  Here is a pantone color jewelry collection to help you stay on top of your color game for the rest of this year.


Lush Meadow

The Pantone color of Lush Meadow evokes a sense of life, energy and nature.  A gemstone that replicates this color perfectly is the beautiful emerald. This Vintage-inspired diamond ring designed by Irthly lends a touch of wistful romance. Metaphysical Properties: The gold heals and attracts positive energy.  The diamonds purify and inspire the spirit for the space where we love. 18k rose gold ring set with eight diamonds and features an emerald gemstone.

Irthly Emerald Ring




This color of blue calls to mind a clear sunny day and Caribbean waters. Blue topaz replicates this calming color beautifully.  These A & Furst earrings are a beautiful amalgamation of blue topaz and blue bezel set sapphires. Truly an excellent incorporation of riverside into drop earrings.

A & Furst Blue Topaz Sapphire Dynamite Earrings



Sharkskin is a very nice grey tone that goes well with many colors because of its neutrality. A stone that embodies this color perfectly is the raw diamond. This necklace by Anne Sportun is a stunning one of a kind piece that is made of large raw uncut diamonds set in 18k yellow gold.  Truly a beautiful piece and it goes well with a large variety of outfits due to its more neutral “Sharskin” tone.




This beautiful shade of purple is a softer purple and gives off a delicate feeling.  Reminiscent of flowers like lavender, verbena, and clematis.  This Wellendorf ring incorporates “Bodacious” in a beautiful and unique patented format called cold enameling.  The ring is 18k rose gold with “Bodacious” cold enamel with diamonds.

Wellendorf Rose Gold Ring


Spicy Mustard 

Don’t be confused by the name because although we all may not like mustard this tone of yellow embodies many pieces of yellow gold jewelry and we all love yellow gold.  The timeless tone of yellow gold is a beautiful standard of value and is beautiful on anyone who ventures to wear it. Though there are many shades of yellow gold the brand Buccellati has created a beautiful take on this precious metal.  This 18k brushed yellow gold bangle is adorned with diamonds and is truly a piece that represents fine Italian craftsmanship and the ” Spicy Mustard” color.

Buccellati Diamond & Yellow Gold Bangle

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