Dior Watches at Baselworld 2017

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At Basel 2017 there was a release of some truly exceptional watches by the famous House of Dior. These pieces presented are produced in extremely limited numbers with a select few for release in the USA. The watches inject new, fresh elements to add to  previous collections such as La D De Dior and Dior VIII.  Below is the Mini ‘D de Dior’ Wraparound watch in fluo pink. This watch is a beautiful piece styled like a bracelet wrap in hot pink with diamonds, just one of the pieces from Basel 2017 that will be available at Oster Jewelers for the rest of 2017. 

Basel 2017 Dior Watches

The Quintessential Dior was another piece that took people by surprise. It has 4,632 super thin, yellow Gold threads embroidering the diamonds in the dial and on the bezel, complemented with a beautifully woven herringbone strap. This watch comes in two slightly different, equally stunning designs.  This watch has been created in an ultra-exclusive series of only eight pieces. Oster Jewelers is proud to offer serial #1 of 8 exclusively, as secured at Baselworld 2017.  You can order this watch in the United States exclusively at Oster Jewelers. preorder today for delivery in October.

Baselworld 2017 Dior Watches

Baselworld 2017 Dior Watches

Dior not only continues to put out some of the top womens watches to date but is very selective how they distribute their watches outside of Europe.  As a matter of fact there are only a few places in the United States to see a Dior watch in person. The exclusive Dior shop in Denver has access to some very limited edition timepieces and promises to please with not only Dior watches, but some of the finest watches in the world.  On top of having access to Dior pieces from Basel 2017, Oster Jewelers has an immaculate Grand Bal collection with some of Dior’s most iconic models.  Below is the Grand Bal Plisse with a patented mother-of-pearl oscillating weight visible on the dial and diamonds on the bezel and interior of dial. The strap has Christian Dior’s favorite Du Canage design.


Diors Grand Bal collection is truly one of the most beautiful collections of ladies watches to date. This watch is designed to have a flowing look of bal gowns designed by Christian Dior. These pieces have an oscillating weight on the front side of the dial and is decorated with fine, colorful materials to emulate the swirl of the gown.  This Dior Grand Ball VIII Coquette is accented with a pink alligator strap, white-gold oscillating weight on the dial side, decorated with a pink pleat, adorned with white feathers and set with tsavorite garnets and sapphires. The case is Stainless steel with bezel set diamonds.


The Grand Bal Cancan is truly an elite model incorporating incredibly fine materials in an elegant amalgamation.  The case is black high-tech ceramic and pink gold, bezel set with diamonds and decorated with a black ceramic ring.  The interior of the dial is pink gold and diamonds punctuated with two rows of black and blue feather marquetry.


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