Keeping Time Podcast #31: Peter Speake-Marin & The Naked Watchmaker

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“The Naked Watchmaker” founder, Peter Speake-Marin, joins us for a follow-up podcast. Peter is one of the most likeable, honest and passionate watchmakers in the industry. His deep interest in all aspects of horology combined with an experience second to none places Peter in a rarified position as one of the most respected individuals in the world of watchmaking. Join us as we chat about Peter’s latest venture and listen as Peter shares incredible insights and commentary. After building a watch brand in his name, Peter stepped away and embarked on a new journey building a web site where an individual can learn about particular brands covering a spectrum of horological categories to inform and educate. Visit The Naked Watchmaker.

The Naked Watchmaker WebsitePeter Speake_Marin

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