10 Reasons to Invest in a NOMOS Neomatik

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German Engineering
The Neomatik series stands for German engineering, specialized skills – and the best materials.
Glashütte Watchmaking Tradition
The new watches are the result of the finest craftsmanship and carry the protected designation of origin Glashütte – the seal of outstanding quality.
Thinner Than Ever Before
The tenth in-house built NOMOS caliber measures just 3.2 millimeters, less than half as thick as the automatic movements that tick within other watches in this price range. The most beautiful example: the ten new watches from the Neomatik series.
NOMOS Ludwig Champagner | Oster Jewelers

NOMOS Ludwig Champagner

Chronometer – Capable with Swing
DUW 3001 ticks with the NOMOS swing system and its proprietary gear train: guaranteeing outstanding accuracy and precision.
Trailblazing Innovation
DUW 3001 is a highly optimized movement with regards to its efficiency and slenderness, into which a great deal of pioneering work is built (1.5 million minutes of research and development, to be exact).
1st Edition
With Neomatik you are doing everything right, and you are among the very first. After all: You’re receiving something that is completely new – and will only be available for a limited time.
NOMOS Orion Neomatik | Oster Jewelers

NOMOS Orion Neomatik

A Dash of Avant Garde
Modern accents in cyan blue and fine details in neon orange grace the new watches. These remain elegant, but the energy injection is unmistakable.
High-Quality Materials
Only the most robust and beautiful leather accompanies Neomatik: The full-grain straps are remborde and equipped with an elegant buckle clasp. The watches are elegantly presented in a fine leather travel case.
Sustainable and Fair Production
NOMOS Glashütte stands for sustainable production and exemplary environmental program. For this, the watchmaking company was awarded “EcoProfit company” certification.
NOMOS Minimatik Champagner | Oster Jewelers

NOMOS Minimatik Champagner

An Investment
Innovation mechanics, eye-catching design, outstanding quality: All these values tick within the Neomatik collection – and ensure the value retention of every single watch.

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