Gerald Charles Fine Swiss Watches at Oster Jewelers

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We are excited to announce that Oster Jewelers is now an official retail partner of the esteemed Swiss watch brand, Gerald Charles. This relationship marks a significant milestone for both entities, combining Oster Jewelers’ reputation for curating high-quality, luxurious timepieces with Gerald Charles’s renowned craftsmanship and innovative designs. Watch enthusiasts and collectors will now have the opportunity to explore and acquire Gerald Charles’s exceptional watches through Oster Jewelers, both online and in our Cherry Creek North store in Denver, Colorado.

Gerald Charles stands as a distinguished independent, family-owned watch company nestled in the heart of Switzerland. Founded by the illustrious Mr. Gérald Charles Genta, who lent both of his first names to his final brand, the company fosters a profound connection between its creator and his masterpieces. This personal touch infuses each design with its founder’s visionary spirit and commitment to excellence.


Gerald Charles Maestro 2.0 Ultra-Thin RG Brown Banner

Exploring the Maestro 2.0 Ultra-Thin reveals a universe of meticulous detail and the perfectionism that defines every aspect of its creation. Even the smallest, unseen elements are technically refined and exquisitely hand-decorated to meet the highest standards. The uniquely shaped 40mm Maestro case, inspired by Mr. Gérald Charles Genta’s original sketches, draws its elegant curves from the Roman Baroque architecture of Francesco Borromini, dating back to the 17th century.

Gerald Charles Maestro 2.0 Ultra-Thin RG Brown

The dark brown shade of the Maestro 2.0 Ultra-Thin RG Brown evokes the essence of Autumn’s dried leaves. The dial’s sunburst finish plays with light to reveal various layers of color, shifting from warmer to cooler tones based on the reflected light. This dynamic interplay of shades adds depth and character to the watch, making each glance at the timepiece a unique experience. This handsome timepiece is complemented by an 18K Rose Gold 4N case with a dark chocolate vulcanized rubber strap adorned with the Clous de Paris motif. Learn more at


Gerald Charles Maestro GC Sport Ti Grass - Lifestyle

In 2021, Gerald Charles’s talented designers and engineers collaborated with a trio of ATP Tour® tennis players to develop the quintessential elegant sports watch. The resulting watch, the Gerald Charles Maestro GC Sport, masterfully blends lightweight, durable architecture with the revered traditions of fine watchmaking, embodying Monsieur Genta’s legacy of ‘artistic creativity and technical mastery.’

Gerald Charles Maestro GC Sport Ti Blue

The original Gerald Charles Maestro GC Sport shows off a Royal Blue hue that pays tribute to the hard tennis courts seen in top tier games. The Maestro GC Sport Grass features a captivating graduated green dial that subtly lightens toward the center, echoing the natural fading of grass courts throughout the duration of a tournament. The Gerald Charles Maestro GC Sport Clay is distinguished by its russet-colored brass dial, which subtly fades to a lighter shade toward the center, reminiscent of the red clay of tennis courts wearing through the course of a tournament. These two newest additions to the collection features a uniquely artisanal, textured finish, crafted by layering color and a glossy, transparent coating onto a specially grained dial base. Learn more about the Gerald Charles Maestro GC Sport Collection at Oster Jewelers.


Gerald Charles Maestro 3.0 Chronograph Green

With its vibrant emerald green sunburst dial, the Maestro 3.0 Chronograph Green watch ushers in a new era, appealing to fresh generations of watch enthusiasts. Its ultra-thin, lightweight design shows off versatile elegance that transcends various styles and dress codes, making it perfect for any wearer. The Clous de Paris motif on the complementing vulcanized rubber strap adds intriguing shadows to the wrist, making it a standout piece in any collection.

Gerald Charles Maestro 3.0 Chronograph Green - Caseback

Despite weighing just 110 grams, the GC3.0-A Chronograph does not compromise on performance. It is water-resistant up to 100 meters, features an impressive 50 hour power reserve with double barrels system, and boasts enhanced shock resistance, truly defining it as a high-performing sports watch. Learn more at


The Maestro 8.0 Squelette masterfully blends Mr. Genta’s iconic Maestro case shape with a striking, uniquely open-worked movement, epitomizing the ‘art’ of mechanical watchmaking. This exquisite timepiece, a creation of the contemporary and globally celebrated watch designer Octavio Garcia, stands as a testament to innovative design and sophisticated craftsmanship.

The Maestro 8.0 Squelette is an engineering marvel, featuring a movement that comprises 160 components yet remains remarkably ultra-thin at just 2.6mm. It includes a beautifully crafted star-shaped gold micro-rotor, mounted on ceramic bearings, designed to maximize the visibility of the mechanism. Despite its slim profile, the watch maintains a robust 50-hour power reserve, showcasing the fusion of form and function. Learn more at


The Maestro 9.0 Roman Tourbillon stands as one of the most technically sophisticated and visually stunning creations from the family-owned Maison Gerald Charles. This exceptional timepiece is an homage to the original Maestro flying tourbillon crafted in 2005 by the legendary founder, Monsieur Gerald Charles Genta. The gilded dial, limited to only 50 pieces, shows off an impressive hand-hammered design, executed in 5N Gold.

Gerald Charles Maestro 9.0 Roman Tourbillon Hammered 5N Gold - Closeup

At its core, the watch houses a 60-second flying tourbillon, an elegant device developed in the early 19th century to enhance the accuracy of pocket watches by counteracting gravity. For this model, Mr. Garcia collaborated with Gerald Charles’ technical teams and Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier to ingeniously mold the tourbillon cage into the Maison’s GC logo.


Listen in as our hosts Doug and Jeremy explore and discuss Watches and Wonders and the peripheral events that just took place in Geneva, Switzerland. This is the biggest show of the watch industry calendar when the world’s leading retailers, media, and enthusiasts descend upon the beautiful international city of Geneve in the heart of the most important watchmaking region of the world. Jeremy Oster attended the show and co-host Doug is eager to ask questions and hear about the event itself, and the key discoveries and new introductions from the event, including insights into Gerald Charles.


Gerald Charles Collection

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