Carrera y Carrera: A Human Element

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Carrera y Carrera Hands Necklace

Carrera y Carrera’s Unique Brand Style

From the company’s inception it was very clear that to be successful a
point of differentiation was extremely important. To achieve this, a unique and groundbreaking style was created, based on the creation of larger pieces with a strong symbolic and figurative component with animal and, above all, human themes that were fundamentally feminine. A unique style where the work in volumes and meticulous artistry elevated the collections to the pinnacle of jewelry. This style expressed itself in successful collections such as Bonadea, the first international success for the brand, also known as the Las Manos (“Hands”) collection.

Excerpt Taken from the 1978 time frame of Carrera’s history. Read more about Carrera y Carrera’s History

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