The Color Purple: Mystic, Royal & Powerful

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So rare was the color purple during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, only members of the royal family were allowed to wear it. This esteemed privilege was due to the rarity and cost of the dye originally used to produce the fabric that only rulers and top clergy could obtain. The color purple relates to spirituality and has the highest vibration in the visible spectrum.

Purple (or a variation of what we know as mauve) also became the first man-made dye discovered by accident by Henry Perkin in 1856. Now everyone could wear and benefit from this illustrious color. 

Couple all of those attributes with the semi-precious amethyst and you have some pretty powerful elements at play. Amethyst radiates feelings of balance, patience, peace and spirituality. How can you not include some amethyst in your jewelry wardrobe?

Feel like an empress in this smooth amethyst cabochon Emperatriz Cascada Maxi ring by Carrera y Carrera. The deep purple transparency of this amethyst creates a window to the detail of the hand carved gold below. In keeping with the classic Carrera y Carrera signature design, a combination of brushed and high polished 18KYG florals inspired by the wrapped shawls of Manila embrace this magnificent stone.

How Regal!

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