Christian Dior 2016-17 Fashion

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Dior’s spring/summer 2017 couture show was truly remarkable. On this particular occasion the show took place at their headquarters on Avenue Montaign. The collection has a moody slightly conservative tone to it. This historically is different from what we have seen from the fashion house, usually loud and awe inspiring fabrics and fits. The outfits that stood out the most were more geared for winter with beautiful dark fabrics embellishing a slender figure and sharp impression. With lengths that came to the mid calf or thigh on all occasions the show presented a very interesting idea for a more fashionable modern business woman.  It is a refreshing look, more realistic for a larger demographic, showcasing beautiful craftsmanship in design but in a reasonable attainable look.

The show had a kind of gothic cathedral undertone to it paying homage to a rich european past of design and architecture.  As you can see the more historical tones are offset by length of fabric cuts and color along with accessories.  Truly a refreshing and beautiful amalgamation of vintage with a delicate fashion forward marriage.

One interesting thing about this brand that everyone is talking about is the transition of creative director Raf Simons to a new individual fitting for the role, who will it be? Since this show set a new precedent for Dior is it a taste of things to come? We can only speculate but im sure that whatever Dior comes up with we will not be disappointed.  The show did not exactly feature what jewelry would go best with this type of outfit design so here are some picks sure to go well with a darker more modern look.


This watch showcases the beauty of Du Canage mixed with black ceramic and white diamonds. The oscillating weight is a diamond pave sure to dazzle.  Made to emulate the flowing manor of a Dior bal gown, it is a perfect piece to mesh with a more modern darker tone wardrobe or outfit.


Dior VIII Grand Bal


The Aurea collection from Antonini has a darker vibe to it.  Calling to mind the flowing grace of serpents yet adorned with fine craftsmanship suits any outfit geared towards a darker vintage style with modern elements. These pieces go well with any outfit aimed at being business casual or dressy gala.

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