K. Brunini Showcase In Denver

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Thursday January 21st 2016 Denver will be receiving one of the finest and unique jewelry designers in the world, K. Brunini.  Unique for fine jewelry that embodies the power and grace of nature, Katey Brunini has built her company into a truly cherished brand. Whimsical and poetic, Katey’s signature collections include:  Twig, Vertebrae, DNA, Skipping Stones, Spider Web, Objects Organique, Spirit Animals and Body Armor. Her jewelry is made with poetry laced in its shapes.

Katey launched her jewelry design company, K. Brunini Jewels, in 1998. Her creations pay homage to Nature’s spontaneous wit and organic aesthetic. Based in San Diego, Katey is known for traveling the world to seek both artistic and ethereal inspiration when creating each of her collections. Her collections are made of lasting and beautiful materials—precious metals of platinum, gold and sterling silver. She mixes these with diamonds, pearls and rare gems then incorporates unique elements of wood, bone and antlers to create a raw and refined harmony.  You will not find anyone in the luxury jewelry world with a style that comes close to hers, the jewelry having branch and vine like qualities seems to come to life in its own eccentric way.  Katey creates beautiful avenues for clients to explore whether they are looking for something very unique and loud or subtle yet keeping the embellished craftsmanship.

In 2007 Katey was honored by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History with a feautre in the Luxe Life: Masterpieces of American Jewelry exhibit.  This exhibit features major pieces by historic American jewelers such as Tiffany & Company, Traebert-Hoeffer-Mauboussin, the Newark Group, and Cartier as well as individual master designers such as Paul Flato, Alexander Calder, Donald Claflin, David Webb, Paul Gillot, Tina Chow, and Fred Leighton.  This museum feature is truly a testament to the craftsmanship K. Brunini has achieved with her brand.

On January 21st Katey will be making an appearance at Oster Jewelers in Cherry Creek North to showcase newly handcrafted and very limited pieces.  K. Brunini’s work  calls to mind very elegant, abstract, and natural looking jewelry that seems to be a stunning amalgamation between sacred geometry and expressions of nature.  Using more raw cuts of gemstone and texturized precious metals she evokes the growth and beauty of nature.

If you are in Denver don’t miss out on this special event on Thursday January 21st and witness Katey’s exquisite collection of fine jewelry that is sure to inspire and entrance.  To learn more visit osterjewelers.com for details.

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