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The “KISS” engagement ring from the  Lucienne collection is a 2017 winner in the “Bridal Collection” category at the UK Jewelry Awards. Why? What convinced the jury? It was the collection’s design, quality, clean lines, and its strong symbolism. The jury looked into all these details and recognized the difference. Furrer Jacot’s art director Lucas Ruppli is behind the elegant design. 

The Lucienne collection not only stands for the bond of love, but also for their name-giver Lucienne Jacot. This solitaire and engagement ring collection is characterized by unique feminine shaped designs and selected diamonds. All rings are available in white gold, red gold, yellow gold, platinum and palladium.

Furrer Jacot Lucienne Semi Mount Diamond Ring | Oster Jewelers

Furrer Jacot Lucienne Semi Mount Diamond Ring | Oster Jewelers

This is a beautiful collection of diamond wedding bands, and the award gives testimony to this incredible brand. Oster Jewelers in Denver has been a proud carrier of Furrer Jacot’s Lucienne collection for over five years. The collection encompasses beautiful diamond engagement ring settings with matching wedding bands.

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