Louis Glick The Legend

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With so many jewelers  in the industry it can be hard to get a read on who is the best designer, and who uses the best materials. When it comes to diamonds though, one name stands out, Louis Glick.  Mr Glick founded his company over sixty years ago with a dream to not only find the most brilliant of diamonds but to bring the brilliance out of the diamond with the right setting.  Since then he has brought innovation and standards to the entire marketplace of diamond jewelry and is known as one of the finest designers on earth.  In 1978,  Louis Glick created the Starburst diamond – truly one of the most beautiful diamonds ever created, dazzling light through brilliant cuts like no other invoking a sense of awe in all who see it. The diamond is a patented cut capturing the sparkle of a round brilliant cut with the elegance of a cut-cornered rectangular shape. 

Louis Glick Yellow Starburst Diamond Ring

Yellow Starburst Diamond Ring

Louis Glick’s work is considered some of the most luxurious and elite in craftsmanship to date. Not only has he invented ways of cutting and setting diamonds but he handpicks some of the finest gemstones ever mined.  When you look at a vvs1 diamond from most other  designers and compare it to a vvs1 Glick diamond you really think you are looking at an entirely different stone of superior quality. This is because Louis Glick goes through very intricate picking processes and when combined with his style of cutting it makes for a diamond that will blow you away with beauty and appeal.  Louis Glicks diamonds have become the choice of celebrities, royalty and women who appreciate quality across the world.

Louis Glick White Diamond Starburst Ring

White Starburst Diamond Ring

The brand prides itself on not only having an exquisite bridal standard but also likes to dive into the the realm of necklaces and earrings. All of which emulate an ambience of high jewelry but with a leaner more conservative and classic approach.  Whether you want to spend $20,000 or $500,000 on a piece of the worlds finest diamond jewelry,  Louis Glicks collection is sure to provide you with many options that are all unique and one of a kind.

Louis Glick Diamond Earrings

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