Jewelry Trends From The CFDA Awards 2016

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The CFDA Awards New York 2016 had an excellent showcase in all realms of fashion.  This event always provides a great opportunity for celebrities to poise very creative approaches with outfits.  This years showcase had not only beautiful outfits but jewelry to complete the ensemble.  Pieces from designers such as Irene Neuwirth, Eva Fehren, Eddie Borgo, Borgioni, and Atelier Swarovski dazzled cameras.  A common theme with these designers is that they are all in a very inviting price range for fine craftsmanship with real materials.  Another common theme with these designers dealt with the idea that less is more, none of the pieces were large and noisy but only discretely beautiful. 

The trend from CFDA 2016 points towards an idea of smaller more conservative jewelry that hosts embellished paves and dainty metallurgy. 

This is a great idea because it balances out very nicely with a subtle yet beautifully designed outfit, distributing focus to the entirety, creating a marriage between loud and reserve.  As the Buddhists would say “the middle path is the best path”. 

It celebration of this balanced style here are a few more subtle yet beautifully handcrafted jewelry designers that were left out of the CFDA Awards 2016. 

Dilamani Designs 

When three decades of jewelry expertise meets design innovation unlike any other, you have Dilamani. A brand of exquisite jewelry that grows with you—always fresh, always evolving.  Handcrafted pieces built to last from only the best gemstones and metals in the world.


Dilamani unique designs are inspired by travels around the globe, taking in the highest fashion, renowned architecture, and natural wonders big and small. When you wear Dilamani, you’ll know it. And so will the world.

Anne Sportun

Anne Sportun began experimenting with jewelry in the basement of her childhood home where her father, a high school shop instructor, had a workshop full of tools. This blossomed into her career and she eventually established Experimental Jewelry Works which opened its first store in Toronto.  She has a gorgeous bridal line but also designs everyday pieces that are subtle yet show fine craftsmanship with material and design.  Her use of raw gemstones is exquisite, usually surrounded by a light pave of white diamonds.

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